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The GreenMed app

Use GreenMed to pay at your dispensary and earn tons of rewards

Pay in-store

Add your Credit or Debit Card information to your account and start using the GreenMed app to pay electronically at your local dispensary. No need for cash anymore. You just need your cellphone and GreenMed.

Order & pay from the app

Once your account is setup, you can use the GreenMed App to place orders and pay right from the app. Using cutting edge payment processing technology we ensure the safety of your information.

Pre-pay and pickup

Running late? GreenMed makes the quick run to the dispensary even faster. Simply order using the GreenMed app and pay right from the app. By the time you get to the dispensary your order will be ready.

Cannabis Delivery

Want cannabis straight to your door? Use GreenMed’s delivery service. With the GreenMed app you can place your order and pay using your Debit or Credit Card. Your order will be delivered right to your door!

Dispensary Map

The GreenMed app features a comprehensive interactive map of legal marijuana dispensaries. We guarantee that all the dispensaries we work with are fully licensed and compliant with state regulations.

Top-notch Support

Customer satisfaction is our only focus. To ensure your satisfaction, our customer service representatives are here to help you, 24/7, every day of the year. So if you have a question call or email us!


Give your customer options by accepting more types of payments in-store, online and on-the-go.

No upfront cost or fees

We don’t charge our customers any fixed monthly fees, setup fees etc.

Easy-to-use secure technology

Highest level of eCommerce security to protect your business and your customers’ information

Affordable rates to accept credit cards

Our rates are all inclusive and some of the lowests on the market

Multiple payment options for your customers

GreenMed allows your customers to pay using Debit Cards, Credit Cards, GreenMed Gift Cards and GRMD Tokens.

24/7 Support

We understand business never stops, so we’re here when you need us, at anytime of the day or night.


Export your transactions data in various formats to facilitate your operations.

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"This is awesome!! it makes things so much easier."

Jessica 25 Los Angeles, California

"How convenient and easy to use! I've been wanting an app like this for so long and I've finally found it!"

Cameron 32 Denver, Colorado

"Not having to carry a bunch of cash to get your medicine would save a lot of aggravation and hassle..."

Jessie 28 Santa Monica, California

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