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GreenMed was created to give choice to our patients. We have designed a unique online menu and mobile app to choose your favorite cannabis products, straight from your home.

Ever wonder what are the best marijuana dispensaries near me? We have too.. Browse through a selection of marijuana dispensaries near you and find exciting new deals & offers exclusively through our platform. Sort through different prices and choose your favorite strain such as OG Kush, Blue Dream, & Girl Scout Cookies.

We also make customer service a top priority so you have an amazing customer-buying experience.

What People Say...

"This is awesome!! it makes things so much easier."

Jessica 25 Los Angeles, California

"How convenient and easy to use! I've been wanting an app like this for so long and I've finally found it!"

Cameron 32 Portland, Maine

"Getting weed delivered straight to my house has made my life so much easier..."

Jessie 28 Santa Monica, California

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