Top 13 Marijuana Myths Debunked!

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When it comes to cannabis we have all heard the amazing healing stories of medical marijuana. With nearly unlimited access to information, there are still a lot of marijuana myths that are considered common knowledge! GreenMed is here to spread the truth about cannabis with some myth busting! These facts will clear up some of the haze surrounding cannabis, and teach you about one of nature’s most amazing medicines.

1. Marijuana Will Kill You:

Cannabis will not be the reason you, or anyone for that matter fatally overdoses. This is due to cannabinoid receptors being in the brain and not in areas that control respiratory function. Therefore, smoking marijuana cannot cause death, as overdoses from substances are a result of respiratory failure.

2. Cannabis is A Gateway Drug:

Cannabis itself is psychologically addictive, however, it cannot cause you to do other drugs. The relationship between cannabis use and other drug use is purely correlational. People looking to use substances will likely experiment with a large variety, including marijuana. Studies show cannabis does not have a physical addiction aspect. Although psychological addiction exists, it’s far easier to manage than the physical addiction from drugs like tobacco, heroin, and meth.

3. Medical Cannabis Increases Mental Illness:

Studies have shown that the prevalence of schizophrenia in the general population is 1%. In accordance only 1% of cannabis users suffer from it. Even though consumption patterns have only risen over the years, those numbers have stayed constant. The fact that the numbers haven’t changed proves that the use of cannabis does not increase mental illness. Many researchers believe patients suffering from mental illness who use cannabis, consume weed products to alleviate to symptoms.

4. Cannabis Kills Brain Cells:

Researchers in the 1970’s tried proving cannabis kills brain cells by suffocating apes with marijuana smoke for five minutes. Due to lack of oxygen, the monkeys did end up with brain damage. This study is not credible, and since then nothing showing any brain damage has been replicable. On the other hand, cannabis has shown to cause neurogenesis, new brain cell growth, in many cases. Compliant with laws, teenage usage is suggested to have detrimental effects on a still-growing brain.

5. Marijuana is a Dangerous Drug:

The US government places marijuana as a schedule 1 substance. However cannabis is probably one of the safest mind-altering substances available. It has been proven less harmful than nicotine, alcohol, and even Advil. There are still risks, as with everything, however none that would constitute as dangerous.

6. Cannabis Smoke Causes Lung Cancer:

Cannabis smoke does have a higher amount of carcinogens than tobacco smoke, it has not been proven to cause cancer. After comparing Non-Smokers/Tobacco Smokers/Cannabis Smokers/and a combined group of cannabis and tobacco smokers, researchers found very interesting results. Strictly cannabis smokers had less of a chance of getting lung cancer than the non-smoking group, while the combined smokers performed similarly to the non-smoking group, and lastly the tobacco smokers had the highest chance for cancer. Researchers believe that medical cannabis and its anti-tumorous properties have something to do with the results.

7. Weed Will Make You Lazy:

One of the most biggest stereotype and marijuana myth is that smoking will make you lazy. Although the DSM (diagnostic statistical manual) has a condition stemming from cannabis called AMS, Anti-Motivational Syndrome, cannabis is not something that inherently makes you a lazy person. Many extremely successful, and hardworking individuals are avid consumers of cannabis, and function at extremely “high” levels.

8. Cannabis is Much Stronger Now:

High potency edibles and concentrates have been around for quite some time. Despite procedures for creating and growing new cannabis products are now optimal, an old school hash cake from India, or some well-cured charas could give you the same if not a stronger high versus some of the conventional means of consumption! So for your next visit to Morocco or India, skip the leafy bud, and ask for some hash or maybe edibles.

9. Marijuana is Bad During Pregnancy:

If I ever got pregnant (might be hard with my set of organs), fascinating research from Jamaica yields research that medicinal cannabis use during pregnancy is ok. In fact they saw no birth defects, abnormalities in birth weight, or drop in IQ from babies born to mothers who consumed cannabis during the pregnancy. Research may be pointing in the direction of a healthy alternative to help pregnant women cope with some of the side effects from pregnancy such as nausea, cramping, and vomiting.

10. Weed Can Cause Infertility in Men:

Studies show a lower sperm count in men who consume cannabis. However, this is only a correlational study, and smoking marijuana is not going to take your ability to reproduce. If you are in good health, the potential effects to your sperm count won’t have effect. Don’t rely on cannabis for birth control!

11. Cannabis Causes Memory Loss:

Cannabis causes disturbances in storing memory while under the effect of it, however, cannabis does not cause permanent memory damage to users. Anandamide, the cannabinoid naturally found in our bodies most similarly to THC, has an important function in regulating the stream of information to our brains. Due to the influx of THC when consuming cannabis interfering with Anandamides natural flow; it creates an overstimulation, making each object/event focused on of larger importance. This is why we have trouble recalling things, because each small event seems so important, that it keeps blocking out the previous events making it hard to encode to memory. Once the effects of cannabis subside though your memory should be working just fine.

12. You Smoke the Weed Leaf:

The serrated cannabis leaf is the universal signal for advocacy and legalization! However, it isn’t actually the part of the plant you consume. What you consume is the fruit of the female cannabis plant, the flower. It consists of a collection of small seedpods called calyxes. Today, we cultivate cannabis without seeds by culling males early. This allows for calyxes to swell with cannabinoids versus using energy for seed production. The leaf we love and know converts energy to the plant like a solar panel. The leaf it just as important for us in the end of the day!

13. You Can Get High From Eating Raw Marijuana:

Unless raw cannabis flower is heated at a low temperature, it cannot get you high. The heating process is actually what transforms the chemical THCa — THC’s acid form — into the high inducing property THC. When activated through heat, THCa converts to Delta-9 THC by removing carbon and oxygen atoms. Heating or smoking marijuana changes the chemical giving it capability of getting you high. One exception: hash is usually decarboxylated, so ingesting hash can in fact cause a very strong high.


These are just some of the myths shrouding the cannabis plant. Cannabis is now on the cusp of legalization potentially on a national, maybe global level. As GreenMed continues to dispel marijuana myths people from all walks of life, race, religion, political affiliations and anything else can come together to enjoy the therapeutic and healing benefits of cannabis. When it comes to marijuana, we make it easy to separate the truth from the myths. GreenMed — Cannabis Simplified!




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