21 Interesting facts you need to know about Marijuana

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Will weed turn you into a bat? Some say Yess..


1. Hemp and weed are not the same plants.

They may look and smell the same but these two plants couldn’t have a more distant relationship when it comes to their use. Industrial hemp, which is high in CBD and not THC, is used in the making of industrial strength rope and other raw materials. Weed on the other hand, which is filled with THC but lacking in CBD, is only used for getting high.

2. Women watch out

New research suggests that women may be more sensitive to the pain-relieving effects of marijuana. This can be both bad and good news as being more sensitive requires less weed, but can also lead to building a tolerance and lead to abuse.

3. All those different weeds are really just the same weed

We all love going into a dispensary to see the wide and varied selection the California coast has to offer its patients, but did you know that most of the different strains in those jars are the same. The main difference between weeds nowadays is the strain type, either Indica or Sativa. Otherwise, The difference between that Skywalker OG and that Yoda’s brain is the difference between a gray and silver car. It’s all up to the grower to decide what he calls his harvest.


4. Weed isn’t all so green

High demand comes at a high cost, to both the growers and the environment. Outdoor growers have opted for new and improved hydroponic grow operations that cost thousands of dollars to maintain.



5. Weed legalization may actually be a step back… Literally

Another weird weed fact that you’re probably not aware of is that before 1937 weed was pretty much legal in the united states and was m=widely used in a number of common medicines and tinctures sold in the U.S. As more and more newcomers from Mexico started to migrate during the early 1920’s-30’s, they brought with them marijuana. Americans used this vice to crackdown on the influx of newcomers and therefore made pot illegal with the 1937 Marijuana stamp act.


6. Colorado wasn’t the first…

Although most people think of Colorado when they think of legal weed, it wasn’t the first state to make the green herb legal. Alaska has had legal weed since 1975 and still does till this day.


7. A morning joint might be the new morning Joe

In Colorado, legal weed sales have created a boom in young entrepreneurs looking to cash in on the green rush. This has created more storefronts for recreational weed sales than coffee shops. Currently, there are 3 dispensaries for every Starbucks coffee in Colorado.



8. E-commerce started with weed

The first ever online transaction was a sale of weed of about twenty-five dollars. This led to more and more sales where now online weed sales account for more than 25% of the market.


9. Fields of Green

In Bhutan, weed grows more often than grass. The people of Bhutan don’t smoke the buds though, as it is mostly used for pig feed.


10. Pot and painting maybe closer than you think

Did you know, that the word “Canvas” comes from the word Cannabis?  This is because canvas sheets were originally made with hemp. Seems there may be more of a connection between painters and pot as we thought.


11. HOPS and HEMP are brothers

Did you know that beer hops and marijuana come from the same family of plants? No wonder they’ve always been such a good pairing.

12.  According to the U.S., weed makes you a bat.

The official weed expert for the united states testified under oath that he had once smoked weed and that it had turned him into a bat. This was used as the U.S’s official policy towards weed and its criminalization.


13. Weed used to make you a Patriot.

At one point in American history, it was actually required for farmers to harvest hemp for the colonies. George Washington even grew the stuff, while he was president.


14. Don’t drink liquor, have a joint.

Another interesting marijuana fact is that during prohibition, temperance groups had pushed for men to start smoking weed instead of hitting the bottle.

15. Hash is an assassins drug of choice.

Did you know that the word assassin comes from the Arabic word for one who smokes hash? This is because paid mercenaries throughout the mid-east used to partake in smoking the hash after they would carry out their hits.


16. Even Shakespeare toked

Archaeologists have found a pipe belonging to Shakespeare which appeared to have traces of pot in it. It seems that even the most well-known playwright of all time indulged in a toke here and now.


17. Synthetic super weed

In the 1960’s the U.S. military developed a synthetic version of the marijuana called “dimethylheptylpyran”. Just one mg of this stuff could have effects lasting for up to three days, as opposed to an hour and a half high off a joint.


18. “You have the right to remain silent!”

More than half of all arrests in America are for weed related offenses. With lack of mental health facilities and drug addiction programs, it’s likely that those numbers will continue to rise.


19. Big Marijuana means Big Taxes

It is estimated that with regulation and taxation of Marijuana in the U.S., the federal government could collect as much 8.7 billion dollars annually.


20. Marijuana is a staple in the Arab world.

Due to Muslims prohibition against alcohol, marijuana spread rapidly throughout the Arab world where it is still enjoyed today as it was thousands of years ago, as hash and smoked out of a hookah



21. Cannabis is the largest cash crop in the U.S.

Per pound, Cannabis beats out both corn and wheat as the biggest cash crop in America. Before it was outlawed Hemp was considered one of the most valuable cash crops after cotton and tobacco.


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