5 Fun Things About Toking With Your Parents

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With Christmas coming up, you might be offered the opportunity to toke up with your parents. Here’s why you should take them up on this offer.

Last Christmas, I had the fun of toking up with my parents. This was an incredibly surreal experience, and I highly recommend that everyone should experience the joy of toking with your parents at least once. Here were the funniest things that I took away from the experience.

You Still Feel Like You’re Doing Something Wrong

The entire time we were smoking, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was doing something wrong. Despite not having lived with my parents for a few years, I still felt like they were going to ground me at any minute. Obviously that didn’t happen, and we had a great time. Christmas dinner tasted a little more delicious that year, and there weren’t as many leftovers as there normally would be, if you catch my drift.

You’ll See A Side Of Them You’ve Never Seen Before

When toking with your parents for the first time, be prepared to see a side of them that you might have never seen of them before, or have only seen on rare occasions. For a minute there, it will be more like you are hanging out with a small group of friends. They’re not the same people who raised you and put up with your crap for eighteen years. Things are definitely going to get a little silly. There’s nothing funnier than listening to your mom do the classic stoner giggle.

They Do Know Where To Get Good Herb

The herb that I was toking with my parents was without a doubt some of the dankest herb that I’ve had the pleasure of smoking. Apparently one of their friends who grows up in Washington State just happened to give them a big ole jar of some incredibly large and sticky nugs. They were even kind enough to gift me with some of their kind bud. Tis the season, right?

You Can Impress Them With Your Vast Knowledge Of Herb

In my experience, parents are always impressed when you show off your knowledge of a subject, so as you can imagine they were pretty impressed with my knowledge on the subject of cannabis. They had all kinds of questions about herb, including whether or not theirs was any good. When I told them that it was super dank, they wanted to know if that meant it was good. The times have definitely changed.

Wait Until They Ask You Where To Shop For A Piece

When I was over at my parents’ house I happened to bring my dry herb vape with me, thinking that I would be sneaking out to the garage for a quick hit here and there. My parents loved my vape, and naturally wanted to know where I got it. I directed them here, of course..

Image Source: Reddit

Have you had the fun and surreal experience of toking with your parents? Share your stories in the comments below!


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