5 Most Hilarious Stoner Tweets – Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

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How many times have you had some awesome thoughts come to you while high? Funny stoner thoughts can make for the best high tweets. The best news? If you tweet it, the internet never forgets. We read some of the best and had to share the funniest tweets we found, and these are guaranteed to make you laugh!

Stoner Tweet #1

This is one of our favorite high tweets and it sort of blew our minds. Has anything ever been more true? High or not, you can’t deny, this guy has a point! That blunt must’ve been some good stuff to cause a potential identity crisis. Don’t worry, sir, we’ll call you the “waitee.” Problem solved!

Stoner Tweet #2

Definitely a missed opportunity! Why has nobody done anything about this? Potentially one of the best weed tweets ever, “joint custody” will forever be how we describe this now. Maybe if the person who came up with “possession of marijuana” had been high at the time they could’ve been more creative! The world will never know.

Stoner Tweet #3

This one made us laugh so hard! Funny stoner tweets seem to always have truth to them. If the drugs are talking back, you’ve definitely had enough! This also begs the question, what drugs were you on that had them talking back to you in the first place? That’s the question we want to be answered!

Stoner Tweet #4

This one has some major self-reflection and had us rolling! Remember we said stoner tweets have truth? This man looked deep into his cat’s eyes and saw inspiration. That passion emanating from his feline friend changed him. Maybe he has pursued his passions so strongly since then! May we all be as passionate about life goals as this man’s cat is about the can of cat food!

Stoner Tweet #5

Again, some major honesty and acceptance here! Who needs a boyfriend/girlfriend when you have cheese fries? Is there any love as deep as greasy, delicious food? Cheese fries will never leave you! Well…okay we won’t go into that. Cheese fries will always be there for you. If anyone disagrees, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

*BONUS* Stone Tweet!

We had a hard time limiting ourselves to our five favorites so this one gets an honorable mention. High or not, we agree ice cream straight from the carton tastes better! If your spoon is your flag, then claim away. Why is it that things taste better straight from the container? You know you’ve had milk straight from the carton and loved it. Maybe it’s a dairy thing.

They say “drunk words are sober thoughts” so we say “high tweets are deep thoughts.” As marijuana laws become updated and more relaxed, we hope to see the stream of funny stoner tweets increase! These days we all need a good laugh, so don’t let those thoughts go to waste – share with the world!

Have you had any funny revelations while high lately?



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