5 Reasons To Feel Optimistic About Legalization

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It’s hard to feel optimistic about legalization right now. It’s been kind of a scary year for cannabis advocates in the US. President Trump picked quite possibly the worst man to head the Justice Department. Earlier this year, Trump’s hapless former Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that states where recreational cannabis is legal could expect federal crackdowns. Jeff Sessions himself said that he didn’t think legalization was a good idea. Panic has ensued among the cannabis industry. Nonetheless, you should still feel optimistic about legalization.

The Majority Of Americans Support Legalization

Results from a Gallup poll in October showed that support for legalization is higher than it has ever been, with a vast majority of American adults in support of legalization. Public opinion is against those who want to keep cannabis illegal. Soon it may come to the point where in order to please their constituents, lawmakers will have to get out of the way, or risk not getting reelected. New Jersey just elected Phil Murphy, who’s promised to legalize. This is definitely a reason to feel optimistic about legalization.

More Places Are Expected To Legalize Next Year

A number of countries voted to legalize medical cannabis this year and Canada is expected to legalize recreational cannabis July of next year. In the US, a handful of states are expected to have cannabis on the ballot in time for the midterm elections next year. Last year, a record number of states voted to legalize cannabis in some form or another. A majority of US states have legalized some form of cannabis.

The Cannabis Caucus Is Fighting For It

For the first time ever, cannabis advocates have lawmakers in Congress fighting for it. The bipartisan Cannabis Caucus is made up of two Democratic lawmakers and two Republicans, who are actively fighting to get cannabis removed from the Controlled Substances Act. Now that the Trump administration has come out hard against cannabis, a fire has been lit under people’s asses, so to speak.

Legalization Opponents Can’t Lie About Cannabis Anymore

It used to be a lot easier for legalization opponents to lie about cannabis. There wasn’t a lot of research available on cannabis, and those who hated it had all the power. Now, things are different. There is a plethora of research on the benefits of cannabis, and the states that have legalized cannabis have concrete proof that legalization has helped their respective states. Also, most people get their news from the internet rather than their local news. It’s pretty easy to fact check media talking heads and lying politicians. Now, that is definitely a reason to feel optimistic about legalization.

The Cannabis Industry Will Be The Biggest Industry In The US

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the US, and by 2020 the industry is expected to overtake manufacturing. Cannabis will have to be legalized in order to bring in more jobs and keep the unemployment rate down. One thing that legalization opponents can’t deny is that cannabis brings in money, and a lot of it. The desire to get some of that money may overcome any personal animosity toward cannabis.

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