5 Things You Didn’t Know About Concentrates

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Cannabis concentrates are wonderful things. You can do just about anything with them: smoke them, eat them, or rub them on your skin, but how much do you actually know about budder, wax, shatter, hash, et. al? For instance, I bet you didn’t know that:

Concentrates Have Actually Been Around For Thousands Of Years

In ancient times the cannabis plant was extremely valuable, sometimes even sacred. Sometimes people were even buried with their favorite cannabis plant. Since the plant was so useful, ancient people used all of it, including making concentrates. Naturally, they didn’t use butane to make their concentrates, as is common today. Ancient people used their concentrates in many of the same ways that we do, by ingesting them, or making tinctures and lotions. Concentrates were often used in different rituals, often for healing.

If You Get High Enough, You Can Hallucinate

I discovered this the second time I ever took a dab. I not only got baked out of my mind, I actually got some vivid tracers on my walls. That portion of the high only lasted for about 45 minutes, but I was stoned out of my gourd for at least a couple hours. I’ve been trying to recreate that moment with subsequent dabs and have had no luck. Oh well, just so you know it is a possibility.

Wax Is Not Just For Stoners

When you think of wax or budder, you might think that they are only for recreational use, and you would be wrong. Concentrates were used for medical purposes long before they were used recreationally, though usually not in the form of dabs. This is all changing, as some medical cannabis patients are starting to discover the joys of dabbing, especially for pain relief.

There Are Many Ways To Make Them

Most people are familiar with the butane method for making concentrates. This is the most popular and common method, but there are in fact many more different ways to make concentrates. The different methods can be divided into two different categories: solvent and nonsolvent. For example, in a solvent method you can use CO2, alcohol, and propane. It’s important to note that the same method is not going to produce the same results every time.

The Names Do Have A Purpose

Just like the different names for bud strains, the different names for cannabis concentrates do serve a purpose. It all just depends on the texture of the concentrate. Wax gets its name because it looks like ear wax . Budder has the smoother creamier texture of butter. Shatter looks more like glass, and so forth. BHO refers to butane hash oil, which is referring to the method used to make it.  Got it?

Image Source: Vice

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