5 Ways Cannabis Can Help Your Pet

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You may be familiar with the positive effects of cannabis on people suffering from ailments ranging from anxiety and PTSD to cancer and chronic pain. Research shows that cannabis minimizes mental anxiety and the impact of pain in humans. But did you know that cannabis can have the same beneficial impact on your pet? If you have a dog or cat who suffers from temporary or permanent anxiety, cannabis oil can ease your pet’s discomfort (and thereby ease yours too!).


Below are 5 ways that cannabis can help your pet:



Pets diagnosed with cancer are treated similarly to humans through chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery and feel many of the same effects such as loss of appetite, nausea, and pain. Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found in Cannabis, has been found to ease inflammation in humans and pets alike. Reducing inflammation can lessen pain caused by medical conditions such as cancer. CBD is not psychoactive so it will not alter the mental state of your pet aside from easing the pain.



Epilepsy causes uncontrollable seizures in both dogs and humans. Cannabis for dogs can reduce the occurrence of seizures. The CBD component of the plant can interact with the neurons in the brain to ease the effects of Epilepsy on your pet.



There are a ton of products on the market to reduce anxiety but without giving your pet synthetic drugs, CBD can act as an all-natural anxiety reducer. CBD interacts with the brain by sending a signal to release serotonin, which is essential for causing a decrease in anxiety in humans and pets.



In the same way that cannabis can be effective in decreasing inflammation related to cancer, it can also reduce inflammation as a result of arthritis. In their older age, it is common for dogs to develop arthritis in their hips and legs making it hard for them to walk. CBD is again the essential component of cannabis for reducing pain occurring due to inflammation in joints. Marijuana oil for dogs can be purchased with a high concentration of CBD to ease the joint related pain.



Marijuana’s effects on animals are still not fully understood, but with new research on the horizon, the potential health benefits for your dog could be more than you think. New research suggests that small amounts of CBD can have amazing effects on a dog’s mood and appetite. Cannabis for dogs has also shown to create better sleep regularity. CBD can be given to your Canine pal in a multitude of different ways, from Marijuana oil for dogs to CBD suppositories, the number of options couldn’t be bigger.



Our dogs are our kids.  We need to take care of them the best way possible and CBD has been shown to be the most beneficial in helping dogs with cancer, epilepsy, anxiety, arthritis, and depression.  What better way to show them the same unconditional love that they have given us than to give them the relief they need with small doses of CBD? Your dog will love you for it!




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