Best Edibles for Pain Relief

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Are all edibles created equal? Since the legalization of marijuana (at least at the state level), both the medical and recreational camps have put on their chef’s hats in the hopes of creative mellow, pain relieving treats that don’t compromise on flavor.

From gummy worms to pizza, leading dispensaries have made quite a few culinary experiments. Some good, some not so good… But fear not! We’ve gathered a list of not only the most effective but the tastiest pot treats on the market in the hopes of answering the question of what are the best edibles for pain relief? Check out the concise list below and remember to consult the GreenMed website for comprehensive menu options and to find nearby dispensaries.

Top Medical Marijuana Edibles

Cannabis Tea

Chronic pain sufferers find that beverages, particularly cannabis-infused tea provide excellent relief. The soothing flavor, aroma, and slow acting effects of the tea help to not only reduce pain but increase patient comfort as well. Most cannabis teas feature a low concentration, ranging from about 5-20mg CBD and 3-7mg THC per bag. These portions help chronic pain patients regulate their intake, making for a satisfying, controlled high. Can’t seem to find the right tea flavor? Cannabis tea can be made at home!


Looking for a faster pain relief method? Try tinctures. Tinctures are essentially cannabis-infused alcohol extracts and can get you going pretty quickly depending on your consumption method. A go-to CBD medical marijuana treatment, tinctures can be taken by themselves in measures of 1-2mL or added to food/beverages. The beauty of using tinctures lies in their perfectly measured portions. Unsure of potency? Try a 1mL drop and increased the dose if needed.

Pot Brownies

You can’t go wrong with a classic. The pot brownie is categorized as a gastrointestinal uptake edible, which simply means that it is digested in the stomach. Unlike a tincture, a traditional pot brownie takes longer to hit (sometimes as long as two hours) but offers longer lasting pain relief. If you suffer from mild, but long-lasting pain, a pot brownie is definitely preferable as it will provide you with up to 8 hours of relief. Cooking methods and concentrations for pot brownies vary, so be sure to pay attention to brownie packaging or your dosage (if you plan on baking some yourself).

Marijuana Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars are a tasty and comfortable edible choice. Classified as “hybrid” edibles, chocolate bars are a middle ground between tinctures and brownies, activating both in your mouth and in your stomach. This duality makes them fast acting and long lasting! An excellent choice for chronic pain (and often gluten-free), chocolate is definitely the way to go. Chocolate bars often feature 100mg+ level THC doses, but come in segments, allowing you to consume handy 10mg pieces until satisfied.

Where to Find The Best Edibles

While the list above is quite helpful, for starters, remember that there is much more out there. Thankfully, the GreenMed search system is here to help! Our comprehensive cannabis registry not only connects you with local dispensaries but shows you their full menus AND allows you to place orders as well! Convenience from the comfort of your home.


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