Best Edibles for Sleep

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When it comes to choosing edibles, the market has exploded with available options. Not all edibles are created equally, however. Aside from varying quality, there are tons of options as to what your edibles are made from. Needing the best edibles for sleep? It’s widely accepted by marijuana users to use indica for a sleep aid. Why these make the best weed for rest is actually debatable, but the result for the masses speaks for itself. Before assuming an indica for sleep will work for you, however, know how you react to various strains and types.

As for the best edibles for sleep, be aware of what makes up the edibles you’re purchasing or consider making your own. For example, using CBD oil for insomnia is an excellent ingredient to the best edibles for sleep. Not all edibles have to possess THC. CBD oil for insomnia is rapidly becoming a popular choice for those suffering from the inability to sleep. The best part? CBD oil is legal in many places where marijuana isn’t yet! So if your local laws haven’t caught up to the times and the best weed for sleep isn’t available, CBD oil for insomnia may be your new best friend. As always, check its legality before attaining.

CBD Oil for Insomnia

So what exactly is CBD oil and how does it play a role in the best edibles for sleep? CBD oil is an oil containing a concentration of CBD, or cannabidiol. CBD is one of the two primary cannabinoids produced by marijuana. So when you’re using indica for sleep, you’re taking in CBD and THC.

Where THC is psychoactive and gives you the high associated with weed, CBD does not. CBD is non-psychoactive, in fact, it counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC, but still produces a reaction in the body. Research has shown these reactions in the body to be medically beneficial. You can use CBD oil for insomnia but also a wide variety of other ailments. These include inflammation, treatment of chronic conditions, and anxiety.

So how exactly does CBD work in the body? Yes, you want to be able to sleep, but before you start using CBD oil for insomnia you want to know how it works!

There are two main types of cannabinoid receptors in the body. They are called CB1 and CB2 receptors. These are what THC binds to, producing the high you’re used to. CBD is different, however. Research has shown that it doesn’t bind to either type of receptors but instead interacts with various other receptors in the body. Examples are the 5-HT1A and TRPV1 receptors, having positive effects on anxiety and pain levels respectively. This makes CBD oil for insomnia an excellent choice for those seeking relief.

All this sounds fancy, but what does using CBD oil for insomnia have to do with the best edibles for sleep? Good question! As previously mentioned, not all the best edibles for sleep are marijuana edibles. We’ll cover those, too, but CBD edibles are available and useful for insomnia, as well!

How Edibles Work

Before jumping into deciding the best edibles for sleep, let’s answer how edibles work! CBD edibles and marijuana edibles have different results, but their functionality remains similar.

When you vape or smoke weed, the effects are relatively instantaneous. Within a short period of time, you feel the effects. So that choice of indica for sleep you’ve got will kick in faster. The downside to this is that the effects last for a shorter period. Typically, smoking or vaping weed will give results for a few hours at most. This depends on how much you’ve smoked, how you react to various strains, and tolerance, amongst other factors.

When you ingest CBD oil for insomnia or the best weed edibles for sleep you can find, don’t expect the effects so quickly. Not only do these have a different window for kicking in, what you’re ingesting will also vary the outcome. For example, brownies and other foods are ingested and broken down in the stomach, but lollipops and beverages have some absorption in the mouth.

As it takes a little longer for your body to break down the edibles, it takes longer to hit the bloodstream. Though it takes longer, edibles are more potent and provide stronger effects. Weed edibles, specifically, offer a stronger high that lasts longer than a high from smoking or vaping. Remember this when you’re tempted to eat the whole brownie at once! Pay specific attention to dosage, be aware of your tolerance, and consider factors such as size and build.

Choosing an Edible

If you’re choosing a CBD edible using CBD oil for insomnia, don’t expect the high you’d get from marijuana. The best weed for sleep will give you a high, but as we’ve said, CBD doesn’t get you high. CBD edibles will have little or no THC in them. A benefit to edibles using CBD oil for insomnia is the lack of a mind-altering state for those who don’t want that. If you’re looking for pure relaxation without the side effects, this is a good option for you. CBD edibles won’t have you craving a midnight snack later either. Insatiable late-night munchies are the opposite of helpful if insomnia is the enemy!

Marijuana edibles, on the other hand, will provide the typical high associated with weed. When choosing the best weed edibles for sleep, consider what it’s made from. Being made from the best weed for sleep will give you the relief from insomnia you crave. As previously mentioned, using indica for sleep is typically your best bet.

Regardless of what you choose, remember the ratio of THC to CBD. Choosing an edible low in THC and high in CBD is more likely to produce the effect you want. If pain or inflammation is part of your sleep problem, the higher levels of CBD will also alleviate those symptoms and provide relief. Not all sleep issues stem from insomnia. Some patients need relief from their other ailments to find the ability to get a good night’s rest.

Edibles for Sleep

While we’re discussing the best weed for sleep and the best edible options for that, here are some ideas you may not have considered. Not every edible has to be in food form. Beverages can be just as effective! Consider trying these ideas for sleep aids:

Weed Tea

Weed tea takes a little effort to make, involving binding a fat to marijuana, then adding it to your tea. The result, however, is a hot, relaxing beverage that doubles as an edible! Picking an herbal tea and combining your favorite indica for sleep is a perfect match! Steer clear of caffeinated teas, or you may find yourself sabotaging your own efforts.

Weed Honey

Versatile in use, you can put honey on anything! Perhaps a piece or late-night toast or even incorporating it with dinner, so you’re on your way to relaxing by bedtime! Weed honey is also an excellent option to take your weed tea to the next level, but sure to keep in mind your edible dosage.

Even that indica for sleep won’t be exactly what you bargained for if you overdo it! Everything in moderation, as they say.

Weed Chocolates

As if we needed more excuses to eat chocolate! Dark chocolate, though containing a trace amount of caffeine, also contains serotonin. This can aid in your relaxation and function as a sleep aid. Find your favorite weed-infused dark chocolates and have a little comfort before bed. Your sweet tooth will be happy!

Best Strains for Sleep

Looking at good options but need help figuring out which strains will help you sleep? As we’ve said, a good place to start is by looking at strains of indica for sleep. Any strain low in THC and high in CBD is going to be your best weed for sleep.

Consider some indica favorites such as Granddaddy Purple, OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and God’s Gift. Girl Scout Cookies in an edible makes for a particularly fantastic indica-induced sleep aid that also helps with anxiety.

Choosing the best edibles for sleep is the same as selecting the best weed for sleep. It’s important to remember that different strains will affect people differently. When searching for the best edibles for sleep, remember that low THC and high CBD is ideal. Also, CBD oil for insomnia is an excellent option for those looking for an alternative to marijuana. GreenMed is here to help you get the best information and the best edibles to help you sleep. A good night’s sleep is a click away! GreenMed – Cannabis Simplified!


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