Big Booze Feels Threatened By The Cannabis Industry

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Cannabis is growing in popularity, and the big booze industry is not happy about it.

An article in Time earlier this year, reported a new trend in the US. Roughly one quarter of people who drink beer are planning on giving up the hops for another kind of plant: cannabis. This information comes from a study that was conducted last year by the Cannabiz Consumer Group. This study was conducted by surveying 40,000 people on their cannabis usage and buying behaviors.

People are Choosing to Spend Their Money on Cannabis Instead of Booze

The results state that about 1 in 4 Americans are choosing to spend their cash on cannabis in lieu of beer. The same percentage say they would spend their money on cannabis if it were legal where they lived.

The report predicts that based on these findings, big booze’s profits will go down about 7 percent. Furthermore, the alcohol industry would stand to lose about 2 billion in profits if cannabis were legalized throughout the United States. It’s no wonder alcohol industry lobbyist groups are putting so much money and effort into keeping cannabis illegal.

Big Booze is Fighting a Losing Battle

Despite all the combined efforts of the alcohol, pharmaceutical and private prison industry, 8 states, including California, put cannabis legalization on the ballot last year, and even more are expected to do so in 2018. New Jersey just elected Democrat Phil Murphy, the first pro-pot gubernatorial candidate. The Congressional Cannabis Caucus is working tirelessly in Congress to protect legal states’ cannabis laws from the looming threat of the Justice Department.

We shouldn’t be complacent though. Quite the opposite in fact. Big booze has incredibly deep pockets, not to mention a great deal of influence in Congress. They will keep lobbying politicians, and funding ridiculous ad campaigns claiming cannabis legalization causes traffic fatalities. We need to keep fighting for legalization, my friends. The final goal should be full legalization world-wide and we cannot rest until that becomes a reality.

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