Canadian Cops Want to Postpone Legalization. Quelle Surprise!

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The Canadian government announced last year their intentions to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Now that the deadline is only months away, those opposed to it are starting to panic a bit, particularly Canadian law enforcement. Canadian cops have asked the Canadian government to postpone legalizing cannabis until they feel they feel they will be ready to enforce the new cannabis law.

Canadian Cops Want to Delay Legalization

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the Saskatoon Police Service, and the Ontario Provincial Police and other law enforcement groups have testified in front of the House of Commons health committee, imploring them to postpone legalizing cannabis. Their reasoning is that they need more time to “ properly train officers about the new laws and more than double the number of police officers who are certified to conduct roadside drug impaired driving testing,” according to the Globe and Mail. “If the government doesn’t postpone the start date there will be a window of six months to a year when police aren’t fully ready, which will allow organized crime to flourish,” said Rick Barnum, OPP deputy commissioner for investigations and organized crime.

Why Though?

Canadian cops want the government to make other changes to the law, such as reducing the number of cannabis plants Canadian citizens can grow, making the claim that allowing people to grow four plants would make it easier for minors to get their hands on legal cannabis. Apparently they haven’t seen the results of the NSDUH survey showing that legalization has not led to an increase in teen consumption.

Honestly, these seem like pretty weak reasons to delay cannabis legalization. Hopefully the House of Commons will decide to stick with the original date of next summer.

Source: Globe and Mail

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