Cannabis: Saving Itself Through Saving Others

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In one form or another cannabis has been either a tangible part of our modern day existence, being something you eat and inhale, or at the very least know of as something harmful to be avoided. Regardless you’ve probably heard about it, and there’s a very good reason behind its prevalence. It’s one of mother natures many medicinal wonders, strangely enough, it’s illegal. That doesn’t seem to be the case for much longer, so in case you don’t know much about it here’s a short take on this wonderful medicine.


Due to a series of corrupt and distasteful actions the plant has been demonized for a century already, and there have been countless efforts of major government agencies, and corrupt corporations to snuff out its existence with a series of fake studies. Thankfully the joint refuses to go out, which is truly incredible when you think about it. Something that has been vehemently targeted, scrutinized, and slandered, rises from an impending doom, to now be hailed as a miracle, how could this be? This is due to the incredible medicinal properties found within cannabis in the form of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other chemical compounds which make this plant an incredible tool for the healing arts.  Everything from a cancer aid to an epilepsy cure, the list of ailments it can treat goes on.


Here’s a bit of how it works. The terpenes (aromas) act as essential oils, modulating the effects of the other main plant chemicals called cannabinoids, such as THC/CBD/CBG and the list goes on. When either chemical is used alone such as just THC (highly psychoactive), or in conjunction such as Limonene (a powerful uplifting terpene) combined with CBD (a powerful non-psychoactive antiepileptic), create a wide array of interactions within the human body that vary based on strain, person, and setting. Due to our body already having pre-existing chemicals similar to those found in cannabis, it is accepted because the body thinks these chemicals belong there, otherwise they would get filtered out before ever making it to the brain.* All of this allows for the plant to affect our endocannabinoid system, enabling the wide range of therapeutic benefits possible. No wonder people continue to use it in spite of its illegality, in reality, they never had a choice, after all, what is someone with a seizing child, or crippling pain, to do…


What makes the story so beautiful, however, is how a plant, that can’t move, talk, express its feelings, or stand up for itself against the DEA’s scythe, saved itself by saving people. The bond that is created between those who find solace in the plant’s pain fighting abilities, anti-inflammatory properties, or even just stress relief and recreational use, has created advocates out of so many of us, including skeptics. A plant which could only heal, stood up for itself by doing what it does best, healing. Seems like us humans could learn a thing or two from such living things. Today there is what seems to be a wide-scale movement for pro-legalization efforts throughout the country and the world. Medical cannabis patients around the globe swear by it, and recreational users hail it as a healthy alternative to other mind-altering substances such as alcohol. Thankfully it looks like the plant might be winning the unjust war started against it in the first place, now it must fight the next battle, a much more difficult one, corporations, and greed.




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