Cannabusiness Is Finally Ready To Go Plastic!

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Things are great in the legal cannabis industry right now. Business is booming and the cash is rolling in. This is the problem though. As you are probably aware, cannabis consumers can only buy their goods using cash. This is because cannabis is still illegal under federal law and banks will not do business with dispensaries. This often makes dispensaries victims of robberies. This is also a huge inconvenience for customers who don’t want to carry cash. It also makes shopping at online dispensaries a bit more complicated than your typical online shopping experience. That is, until GreenMed.

What is GreenMed?

GreenMed is the world’s first cryptocurrency backed (etherum) app that lets customers purchase legal cannabis with their debit or credit cards. Customers will also have the ability to pre-purchase their legal cannabis products from their local dispensaries using the Greenmed App and pick them up. Online shopping for cannabis is here!

How Does GreenMed Work?

GreenMed is not as complicated as you might think, actually it’s quite the opposite. What you’re doing is buying GreenMed currency, which is then exchanged for regular US currency. It’s just as simple as that! By using the GreenMed App, customers can choose to have their products discreetly delivered or ready for pick up at the dispensary.

It’s not the same as charging something to your debit or credit card (this is still illegal). You wouldn’t have to worry about your purchases showing up on your bank or credit card statement.

Why GreenMed Important to the Industry?

Cash has always been the only way to make legal cannabis transactions, now there will be another more secure option for both business owners and customers. Business owners will no longer have to fear falling victim to robberies. Customers will no longer have to carry large amounts of cash on them, or worry when they don’t have any cash. This is great news for people like me who hate carrying cash on them.

Customers are ensured a greater choice and ease of payment options, dispensaries can finally have a safer way to handle orders/profits, and investors have a unique opportunity to get in on something that has already shown incredible promise. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

The Future is Here and YOU Can be a Part of It!

Crypto and Cannabis are the two most exciting and quickly evolving industries right now. Greenmed is combining the two, while also offering a new option for legal cannabis customers to purchase products. This is an exciting development for both industries!

Greenmed is still in its early stages and tokens are for sale. This is the final week to buy into GreenMed and receive a bonus, for the most early investors it was 40%, this week is the final bonus at 10%, then October will be general public sales.

GreenMed has already been signing up dispensaries, and the number of spots is limited. These dispensaries will have the distinction of being the only dispensaries where customers can use their cards in lieu of cash. This will give them an advantage over the competition. You want to be the one with the advantage.

Remember, spots are limited, so sign up now while you can!


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