Different Ways to Smoke When You Don’t Have a Pipe

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We’ve all had that moment where we’re set to smoke and realize we don’t have everything we need. You’ve got one of the most potent weed strains but no pipe! Maybe you’re at a party, and you didn’t plan on smoking, but the opportunity for some prime herb comes up. Maybe your buddy borrowed your pipe and never returned it, so you’re wondering how to smoke without a piece. You think you’re screwed, but are you? Not!

What Do I Need for a DIY Pipe?

There are a million ways to make a makeshift pipe. A homemade pipe can be made from all kinds of things you already have around. Ever make a DIY pipe from fruit? We’ve got you.

There are endless things to smoke out of, and sometimes you just have to get creative. We’re here to teach you ways on how to smoke without a piece. You’ll never miss an opportunity to smoke again and you can be the MacGyver of your group!

First, the basics:

What is a Weed Pipe?

We’re guessing if you’re looking for ways to make a makeshift pipe that you know what a weed pipe is. Let’s get back to basics, though, and talk about what a weed pipe is, why it works, and what the best traditional pipes are made from.

A typical marijuana pipe isn’t much different from a tobacco pipe in functionality or design. Should we thank our grandfathers for low-key showing us how to smoke weed when we were younger? Eh, let’s not take it that far! The parts of a weed pipe, however, are more or less the same. You have a bowl piece, where you pack in your herb. Next, to this, you’ll have a small hole. This hole is called the carb. No, Robert Atkins, not all carbs are bad! The function of the carb is to let the chamber empty when you’re taking a hit. While you’re inhaling, you cover the hole with your thumb, and you uncover it when you stop. The opposite end of the pipe has the prominent place for your mouth to go.

Marijuana pipes can be made from glass, ceramic, metal, wood, or other materials. The best ones are glass. Not only does glass not stay as hot, making it safer to handle, it typically gives a cleaner hit. Also, glass pipes come in a vast variety of colors and designs, making it fun to find the favorite that speaks to you. The downside to glass pipes is that they’re fragile and can’t be taken apart too easily clean. This means if you drop it, it’s likely toast. Maybe that’s what happened and why you’re looking at making a DIY pipe now!

Pipes are most likely the next primary smoking device, outside of smoking a joint. Though things like vape pens, dab rigs, edibles, and vaporizers have gotten popular, we love a right weed pipe!

Now that we’ve talked about what a pipe is let’s talk about how to smoke without a piece. Here are some of our favorite ways to make a DIY pipe:

DIY Pipe 1: Food

When it comes to a makeshift pipe, of all the things to smoke out of our first stop is food! Now, we know you probably have your favorite chips or pizza rolls around to satisfy those munchies. It pays, however, to keep some fruit and veggies in the house! Healthier munchies and tastiness aside, some of these are perfect for a homemade pipe! We’re taking a look at three different ways to make a DIY pipe out of fruit:

Apple Pipe

This is the most common food pipe and very easy to make. Start by removing the stem using a knife. Then make a hole through the top of the apple where the stem used to be using a pen. Push the pen about halfway through the apple. A second hold should then be made in the side of the apple at an angle. This hole will meet with the original vertical hole and be the one you inhale from. Mirror your inhale hole on the opposite side to make your carb!

Next comes making your bowl. You can carve a bowl out of the top of the apple where the top hole is. You can also use aluminum foil to create a makeshift bowl. Once you’re finished here, your homemade pipe is ready to go! A bonus to smoking from an apple is the sweet flavor you’ll get with each hit with this DIY pipe. Delicious!

Carrot Steamroller

A carrot steamroller sounds funny but is a super easy makeshift pipe to create. Ready to be MacGyver-like we discussed? Grab a screwdriver and poke a hole in the center of the carrot lengthwise going all the way through. At the top, carve a bowl to pack your weed closer to one side of your carrot.

That’s it! You can make this in under a minute. When using the carrot steamroller, pack your bowl and cover the hole closest to the bowl while inhaling from the other. When you move your finger and uncover the hole, the smoke will shoot into your lungs at once. Creative and effective!

Making a DIY pipe from food doesn’t stop at apples and carrots. You can make bongs from watermelons, pipes from bananas, etc. Stay creative and see how different options enhance the flavors!

DIY Pipe 2: Pen Pipe

Another quick makeshift pipe you can put together quickly is a pen pipe. Easy to make soon and discreetly, a pen pipe is your friend on the go!

For this, you’ll need a pen that is unscrewable and has a metal tip. The metal tip is essential as plastic will melt and is dangerous. Unscrew your pen and remove the ink container from the inside. Take the nib of the pen, the part that usually goes to the paper, and places it back on upside down. Done! You’re ready to load the wide end of the nib with weed and inhale from the opposite side of the pen! Comfortable, fast, and discreet. This is a perfect DIY pipe for those wanting to blaze on the go. Is it any wonder it makes our list of things to smoke out of?

DIY Pipe 3: Candy Pipe

You read that right. If you’re getting super crafty with your DIY pipe, candy can be an option for how to smoke without a piece. The only downside is you’re using perfectly good munchie snacks to make it, but sometimes sacrifices must be made!

So what do you need for a homemade candy pipe? Only soft candy and a pen! In our opinion, Starbursts work the best because they stack and make a smooth pipe. Bonus, you get to add a little personal flair using whatever colors you want. You also get a sweet, fruity flavor boost. It’s the little things! Our advice? Save the pink ones for eating since everyone knows they’re the best.

Start by firmly pressing together the candies in a rectangular shape. On one end, you need to add candy to serve as your bowl. This design is another reason. Starbursts make the best choice here! Poke a hole through your bowl piece to about halfway through your pipe section. Be sure to carve out a little bowl section into your top piece of candy, as well. Then take your pen (a screwdriver will work for this as well) and create a hole in the pipe from the mouthpiece end. Connect this hole with the bowl hole, and you’re ready to go! Makeshift pipe made!

DIY Pipe 4: Soda/Beer Can Pipe

Next on our list of ways to smoke without a piece is the beer can (or soda, if you prefer). You can do more with your beer can than just shotgunning to impress your friends. Make a homemade pipe with your box and double the fun!

Start by using your thumb to make a small indentation in the middle of your can. Using a sharp point, create a couple of small holes in the center of the indentation. Make sure your holes aren’t too big, or your herb will fall through! These are vent holes and need to let air pass through them.

Next, you need to make the carb. Do this by poking a hole in the side of your can. Heat all the holes you’ve formed to cleanse them of any debris that may be remaining. Remove the tab from your, and you’re set to go with your new DIY pipe. Place your weed over the smallest holes you made and cover the carb with your finger then smoke away! A super simple homemade pipe that adds to the things to smoke out of in a pinch.

DIY Pipe 5: Gravity Bong

Last on our list of things to smoke out of when you don’t have a pipe on hand is a homemade gravity bong. This is a DIY pipe of a different color! When made correctly, a gravity bong is super efficient at getting you high fast. This makes the gravity bong the king of how to smoke without a piece!

At its most straightforward description, a gravity bong has two parts: a plastic bottle and a container for the water. It involves a little construction but is worth the effort. Start by cutting off the bottom of a two-liter plastic bottle. Grab a larger container (larger bottle, bucket, whatever) that your two-liter remnant will fit into almost entirely without touching the sides.

Take some aluminum foil and wrap it over the top of your two-liter. Poke some small holes in the foil and mold the sides up into a bowl piece. Fill your larger container with water and place the two-liter down into it, leaving only the top little bit of the two-liter unsubmerged.

Put a pinch of your weed into your formed bowl piece. Using one hand to light your weed and the other to pull up on your two-liter bottle slowly, you’ll see a ton of smoke filling the space. When you’ve pulled the two-liter far enough up (keeping the vacuum useful by not raising the bottle entirely out of the water), remove the foil. Take your huge hit and feel that smoke hit your lungs. Word of caution: gravity bongs get you high fast. This DIY pipe alternative may not be for first-timers and can make even experienced smokers a cough.

If you find yourself pipe-less have no fear! We’ve shown you five easy and effective ways how to smoke without a piece that will have you saving the day. GreenMed has you covered until we deliver your next pipe. GreenMed – Cannabis Simplified.


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