GreenMed Guide: San Fernando Valley Dispensaries | Best Dispensaries in Los Angeles, Part 1

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Best Dispensaries in Los Angeles:

Part 1 – San Fernando Valley Dispensaries


Table of Contents: (click to jump!)

I – Introduction

a. Disclaimer


II – Studio City Dispensaries

a. The WEED

b. Stash Studio City


d. CannaSutra

e. Universal Collective

f. HoneySpot


III – Encino Dispensaries

a. The Healing Touch

b. Hazel

c. Apothecary


IV – Sherman Oaks Dispensary

a. The Higher Path

b. CaliRX

c. Sherman Oaks Collective Care – SOCC


VI – Van Nuys Dispensaries

a. Kushism

b. Green Earth

c. Delta 9

d. GreenMed Guide: Dispensaries in Van Nuys


VII – Wrapping Up



When you’re out of bud and out of a ride, GreenMed is your one-stop shop — providing you with the best weed delivery and medical marijuana education! Our family of stoners know which dispensaries are the Best Dispensaries in Los Angeles, and we want to share our knowledge with you. The GreenMed Guide is broken down into popular Los Angeles regions, and emphasizes some of the best dispensaries throughout Los Angeles! This is Part 1 of the GreenMed Guide, highlighting the top San Fernando Valley dispensaries!


Cannabis Dispensary Disclaimer

Dispensaries are held prisoner to the many changing laws and government requirements. Remember these tips before you leave the house:


  • Always remember to bring your government-issued ID — as well as your verifiable doctor’s recommendation if you’re a medical patient. If you forget your doctor’s rec, don’t be surprised when you’re forced to pay the higher recreational tax fees on your weed. Find a local weed clinic in LA if you want to be in the lower tax bracket.


  • Prepare to Pay Taxes on your purchases! Ranging anywhere from 10% up to 35%. This is not by the dispensaries’ choice, but as a result of the law changes for recreational marijuana. Don’t take it out on your local dispensary… or their bud tenders!


  • If you’re looking for something high in demand or extremely specific — call ahead! Save yourself the time and frustration! There is nothing worse than stepping out only to return home empty-handed!



One more thing…


These dispensaries are not in any particular order. They have all been hand-selected by our expert to provide the best information. Now, without any further ado — here’s the first installment of

The GreenMed Guide: The Best Dispensaries in Los Angeles!


Studio City Dispensaries

the weed studio city, studio city dispensary, la dispensary, los angeles dispensary, dispensaries in san fernando valley


“The Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary”


(818) 980-2266 ● 11557 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Instagram | The WEED Website



The WEED Studio City carries different weed strains for all times of the day. The law changes have not affected this dispensary’s inventory! Stocked with marijuana edibles for all tolerances, ranging from 10mg pieces up to 100mg of THC. Some of their weed edibles also come completely dosed only with CBD!

Some live resin wax and marijuana shatter, as well as high quality pre filled vape cartridges for the regular vape smokers.

The Weed Studio City doesn’t carry grams, so this spot isn’t for you if small-time smoking is your style. Their inventory is competitively priced. Deals don’t apply to ½ ounces and full ounces because they offer great deals on the larger quantities!


Deals include pre-rolled joints for $1, pot edibles $10 and under, or The WEED Studio City swag for your First Time Patient Deal. Half ounces start at $77.50, and they even offer special ounces starting at only $99!

The WEED offers a one-of-a-kind patient appreciation. They know stoners love to eat, and on the 20th of every month The WEED offers free tacos! The WEED Studio City dispensary also offers different deals daily, applied to items $30 or more. Also, make sure to follow their Instagram for deals exclusively for their followers.


As you would expect from a place called The WEED, this shop provides a full stock of a variety of buds. The WEED focuses on the wellness of the earth — including the people on it! The WEED Dispensary in Studio City is organized and clean. Decorated with dope art pieces, white walls, and lined with a plethora of weed products — it’s as if you’re a kid in a candy shop! The WEED is considered Studio City but also neighbors Van Nuys dispensaries as well as Encino weed shops. This dispensary is stocked with verified products, an ATM, security, and is wheelchair accessible.

studio city dispensary, la dispensary, los angeles dispensary, dispensaries in san fernando valley

Stash Studio City

“EST 2006”

(818) 810-5353 ● 12433 Ventura Blvd, Studio City 91604

DAILY: 10:00am – 8:00pm

Instagram | Facebook | Stash Website



The Stash Studio City Dispensary is a well-stocked dispensary with plenty of different strains of weed for your every need! You expect every dispensary to carry marijuana, but The Stash is here for every specialized method of intake as well. From vaping, dabbing, and edibles — The Stash has a plethora of medical marijuana products for everyone.

If Vaping is your main method of smoking, The Stash has is your one-stop shop for the best vape cartridges a variety of vape pens. If using a PAX Era — you know how difficult it can be to locate the Pax Era Pods. At the Stash, they carry pre-filled vape cartridges for the Era in a variety of different weed strains like OG Kush and Skywalker. The Stash also carries the popular STiiiZy brand vape pen cartridges. Different strains include Strawberry Cough and Tangie from a variety of brands.

The Stash also carries 100mg THC edibles that come in the form of lemonades, cookies, peanut butter, muffins, and candies. Accessories range from glass pipes and bongs to vape batteries.


When you visit the Stash Dispensary in Studio City for the first time and you spend at least $20, you will receive a pre rolled joint for just $1! The Stash also provides specials and deals throughout the week that change depending on the day. If you are visiting Studio City for a weekend, you can partake in $1 Joint Fridays. $20 for a premium gram of THC wax to celebrate Shatter Saturdays. Prep for your week and buy a gram for everyday of the week with a $70 sampler! 7 grams, all different strains of weed — your choice! Call or stop by for more deals at the Stash.  


The Stash definitely lives up to its name! This dispensary in Studio City is home to one of the biggest inventories you will encounter in the San Fernando Valley. The Stash carries verified products, is staffed with security and friendly budtenders, and is wheelchair accessible! Piced for any big or small budget, and a different product for everyone — GreenMed highly recommends stopping by to explore this dispensary in Studio City!


WHTC wellness health treatment center, Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Los Angeles, studio city dispensary, la dispensary, los angeles dispensary, dispensaries in san fernando valley

WHTC – Adult Use

“Wellness & Health Treatment Center”


818-980-8338 ● 3760 Cahuenga Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604

Hours: 6:00am – 10:00pm

Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Facebook | WHTC Website



WHTC packs a punch when it comes to popular name brand bud! Carrying some of the best weed cartridge producers: 710 King Pen, Select Vapes, Moxie, Dosist, and Dompen to name a few. For their selection of THC wax and Marijuana shatter: heavy hitting brands like Guild, and Raw Garden.

No dispensary is complete without a stock of pot edibles. WHTC carries top cannabis edibles producers Kiva, Plus, and Breez!



WHTC knows that without its patients, this Studio City dispensary would be empty! Every month, WHTC celebrates its customers with a patient appreciation day. Check their social media for updates on dates of these monthly events.

When you stop by on your first visit, medical or recreational — WHTC offers first-time patient deals. Deals vary everyday, but everyone gets to spin the prize wheel to win swag or discounted items!



With the new law changes, WHTC has adjusted a lot of their inventory and daily deals. If you haven’t been to WHTC in a while, we recommend calling or visiting their website to check their menu and make sure they still offer what you want. This Studio City dispensary no longer offers single grams of medical marijuana.

WHTC is a higher end dispensary, and takes pride in their top shelf selection of popular weed brands. GreenMed recommends this Los Angeles Dispensary to those high-end customers who have high tolerances and only smoke top grade tree.


studio city dispensary, la dispensary, los angeles dispensary, dispensaries in san fernando valley

CannaSutra Pre-ICO

“Studio City Dispensary”


(818) 392-8302 ● 11101 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, California 91604

DAILY 8:00am – 10:00pm

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook



CannaSutra offers a wide variety of products. As the name suggests, their products are going to be geared towards the medical, spiritual, and healing  effects of weed. With award winning Sativa and wax strains, this Studio City Dispensary offers the best weed strains for a great high. They offer single and double grams, all the way up to ounces.

This dispensary also carries a wide selection of marijuana edibles and shatter. Edibles range in potency and can be THC edibles or CBD edibles. CannaSutra offers premium pre rolled joints of different weed strains for those who do not know how to roll for themselves.


This San Fernando Valley Dispensary offers different daily deals. During the weekend, Saturday Shatterday offers $5 off full grams of wax and on Sunday Funday, 10% off everything except medical marijuana. Call or visit their website for the rest of this Studio City Dispensary’s daily deals. Especially Tuesday’s deal if your primary method of smoking is vaping. 


CannaSutra offers wheelchair accessibility, security, and verified products. CannaSutra is dedicated to providing a safe experience as well as providing the highest quality cannabis to their patients. Stocked with a variety of medical marijuana products, with an impressive stash of shatter, marijuana, edibles, and accessories, this dispensary can supply the needs of any stoner.


Universal Collective, studio city dispensary, la dispensary, los angeles dispensary, dispensaries in san fernando valley

Universal Collective – Adult Use

“All Adults 21+ Welcome!”


323-850-1847  3625 Cahuenga Blvd, W Los Angeles CA 90068 

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Universal Collective Website

Daily 10:00am – 10:00pm



Universal Collective is an upscale dispensary offering medical cannabis and an extensive variety of medical marijuana products such as different weed strains, THC weed edibles, CBD edibles, and concentrates. Additionally, Universal Collective also sells merchandise and accessories having to do with the use of cannabis.

In addition to the usual inventory of different weed strains, marijuana edibles, and THC shatter and waxes, HoneySpot takes pride in distributing top shelf seeds for you to grow your own medical marijuana.


Stop by to find out what the daily specials are, and when the next big sale or promotion is happening at this North Hollywood dispensary.

Roll up for your first time and you will receive an Pre Rolled Joint on the house. Whenever you come in, expect to find pre rolled joints priced at $2, and top-shelf grams of weed for only $5!


Universal Collective is conveniently located nearby to Universal Studios Hollywood, so when you are going out for a theme park day, this is the perfect weed shop to visit before your trip. While technically a North Hollywood dispensary, Universal Collective sits on the border, making it both a North Hollywood, and Studio City dispensary. However, this prime location shouldn’t scare you –enjoy hassle-free parking with complementary valet service Thur-Sat from 2:00pm to 8:00pm!

Universal Collective also provides consultations on cannabis to it’s patients — free of charge! Whether you are looking to learn about the proper cannabis use for your preferred method of intake, like what is dabbing and how to do it, to learning about the simple therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana!

Looking for more medical marijuana information? Click Here!


north hollywood dispensary, studio city dispensary, la dispensary, los angeles dispensary, dispensaries in san fernando valley


“Stay Honey”

(818) 505-3368 | 12814 Riverside Dr, North Hollywood, CA 91607


Daily: 10:00am – 8:00pm

Cash Only ● ATM Available

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | HoneySpot Website



All the eighths, whether flower, or Comet Rocks come fully stocked 4 grams! Normally, eighths come weighing 3.5 grams.  Verified Products from THC Designs, EdiPure, and many more well-known brands. Pre rolled joints are stocked from the house weed as well as from Cheef Naturals.

Marijuana edibles are provided, like gummies and brownies. However, have you ever had medicated ranch dressing on your salad? This unique product is not the only one you can find exclusively at HoneySpot! HoneySpot also provides seeds to sell to its patients. These high quality seeds are ready for growing, and hand-picked to yield the perfect plant for your home.



House pre rolled marijuana joints sell for only $2. HoneySpot is also well-known for carrying a handful of $5 grams, and their Backyard Boogie is priced at only $20 for the eighth.

For the stoner who prefers shatter over marijuana, they have concentrates starting at $10 for the gram. Cannabis edibles and tinctures range from $2 for a sample and can range up to $90 depending on dosage.

There is something for every stoner on any budget! On top of receiving a 4 gram eighth of flower, they are competitively priced. Eighths start at $20 and go all the way up to the tippy top shelf at $60. 


HoneySpot is your one stop shop for your every weed need! From the variety in products, to the range in prices, this dispensary is the sweetest spot for you. In addition to products and weed strains that you are used to, HoneySpot offers exclusive products and brands you might not see in other North Hollywood dispensaries.

HoneySpot amenities include verified products, an ATM, wheelchair accessibility, and security guards. Extremely close to the Woodman exit of the 101 FWY, HoneySpot offers ultimate convenience for their customers through their easily accessible location, and plethora of products.


Sherman Oaks Dispensary

sherman oaks dispensary, la dispensary, los angeles dispensary, dispensaries in san fernando valley

Cali RX

“Premium Quality. Finest California Grown”


818-386-8335 ● 14006 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Daily: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Instagram | Facebook | CaliRX Website



Leading the way in weed technology, Cali RX carries medical marijuana inhalers. These top of line inhalation devices are a extremely discreet way to get baked. These inhalers cost $100 and are packed with about 100 puffs. Each puff being highly potent, these devices are well worth the price.

Of course, they have many different weed strains for your smoking needs, including the  popular weed strain Sour Diesel. Cali RX also carries a wide assortment of CBD pills, tinctures, and lotions.

Not only does CaliRX offer single grams, but 2-gram special prices on their flower! Very few dispensaries in Los Angeles offer specials on a purchase of 2 grams. Cali RX takes pride in providing top shelf cannabis. For this reason, you are not going to find a lot of low priced bud. Look elsewhere if you are looking to get baked on a budget.



Cali RX offers free weed pre rolls for First Time Patients in addition to 20% off your entire order. Referrals receive a pre rolled joint as well as 15% off their purchase for bringing in a friend. Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram for exclusive deals.



Cali RX has prime location directly on Ventura Blvd. It is a shop geared for affluent smokers who only pick up top quality bud for their smoke. Whether it’s just a gram of Sour Diesel for your joint of the week, or an eighth of top shelf SFV OG for your weekend. Cali RX offers the finest premium cannabis products. Their amenities include security, wheelchair accessibility, an ATM for their cash only policy, and verified products.


sherman oaks dispensary, la dispensary, los angeles dispensary, dispensaries in san fernando valley

The Higher Path

“Experience Life Elevated”


818-385-1224 ● 14080 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, California 91423

Hours: 9:00am – 10:00pm

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | The Higher Path Website



This Sherman Oaks Dispensary offer top shelf products. Most 1/8th are priced from $40 – $50. The Higher Path is geared toward a higher end clientele. There are a few moderately priced products available here, however, tax is not included in menu prices.



When you stop by The Higher Path for your very first visit, they will provide you with 10% off your entire order. While this discount barely pays the tax of your purchase, The Higher Path really hooks you up when you return for your second visit with a 50% discount off your flower or edibles — up to a $20 discount!

Unfortunately, The Higher Path does not accept First Time Patients 5 minutes before closing. Understandably, since First time patients need a bit of extra love and attention to familiarize them with the shop for their first-time. 5 minutes just isn’t enough to break down all the great products.

The Higher Path does not offer daily deals, however, it does chase away the Monday blues with their Magic Monday specials! Stop by to sign up and receive an exclusive deal at the beginning of every week to get your week on the Higher Path!


In 2016, LA Weekly voted The Higher Path “Best Dispensary in LA”! This esteemed accolade on its own is enough to warrant a visit into The Higher Path. This Sherman Oaks Dispensary also covers a portion of the taxes for its medicinal patients! In addition, when visiting The Higher Path, you can enjoy complementary parking! Any Los Angeles native knows how important this is, since traffic can get very bad — the best dispensaries in Los Angeles provide parking for ultimate customer satisfaction!


sherman oaks dispensary, la dispensary, los angeles dispensary, dispensaries in san fernando valley

Sherman Oaks Collective Care PRE-ICO

“The Highest Quality Medicine at Affordable Donations.”


818-783-8332 | 14200 Ventura Blvd. #101, Sherman Oaks, California 91423

Hours: 10:00am – 8:00pm

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | SOCC Website



Sherman Oaks Collective Care since opening its doors in pre-ICO days in 2006 is still around offering quality products of medical marijuana, cannabis-infused edibles, THC and CBD concentrates and more! Serving the king of cannabis, Crown Genetics. This is reason enough to make your way to this Sherman Oaks Dispensary. SOCC carries many other high quality cannabis brands, like Galaxy, High Voltage, and Golden Leaf. SOCC also provides popular strains like Sour Diesel weed, and the Tangie strain variations.

They also carry top shelf quantities of wax and marijuana shatter. In addition to name brand shatter, they also offer house slabs and wax for a great price with a great high. 

Most impressive, however, is their variety of wax THC cartridges and CBD vape pens. SOCC is the name brand giant when it comes to the best THC cannabis cartridges — offering products from Brass Knuckles, Canna Hemp, Alpine Vapor, BloomFarms and more!


Upon your first time visiting the Sherman Oaks weed shop, SOCC presents you with a house pre rolled joint for $1 only. In addition, SOCC offers daily deals, and they are never completely the same! Call or stop by to find out what specials they are offering today.


Sherman Oaks Collective Care provides free parking and an ATM on site. With a plethora of verified products from the top cannabis companies and brands, this dispensary is truly a one-stop weed shop for the medicinal cannabis consumer.


encino dispensary, sherman oaks dispensary, la dispensary, los angeles dispensary, dispensaries in san fernando valley


“We Show Mad Love”


(818) 881-1462 ● 18013 Ventura Blvd unit A, Encino, CA 91316

Hours: Mon – Sat: 10 AM – 8 PM, Sun: 11 AM – 8 PM

Instagram | The Healing Touch Website



Now of the specials. First and Second Time Patients receive 10% off their order, as well 5% upon referral. Returning patients can also catch deals everyday! Early Birds and Happy Hours get 5% off. Mondays and Tuesdays show Mad Love with 10% off all day. In addition, deals are constantly being added based on supply and vendor demos. Call or stop by to see what new deal they have!


The Healing Touch includes the price of tax in their menu prices which makes shopping on a budget much easier! This dispensary even covers a portion of your taxes for you! That is mad love!

Stoners know even the best vape pens can break down or start to leak. Bring your product back within a week and you’ll get store credit to replace your item. As long as you have your receipt on hand, of course!


The Healing Touch offers a wide variety of products and strains. The constant deals and helpful nature of this shop make this Encino dispensary a top pick! If you smoke weed for the healing uses of medical marijuana, this dispensary is more like a pot pharmacy.

encino dispensary, sherman oaks dispensary, la dispensary, los angeles dispensary, dispensaries in san fernando valley


“Sharing Years of Excellence!”


818-793-3972  17523 Ventura Blvd., Encino, CA 91316

Daily: 10:00am – 8:00pm




Hazel Dispensary only offers Top Shelf Products — that means high quality cannabis only! The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. This dispensary truly strives for quality customer service. Carrying the premium cannabis brand #Exotics, and a variety of their different weed strains.


Hazel Dispensary offers 1 and 2 gram specials. They also sell their shake for great prices, all the way up to an ounce for $80. Shake is small nuggets of weed usually too small for packing, and the debris that is left behind from pre-packing weed containers, now required by law.

All of their bud is competitively priced, and just about every 1/8th costs $35. The #Exoctics weed strains they carry are the only flower not uniform with their prices. For 1/8th of #Exoctics, it is going to cost $45.


Plenty of years of experience means you will always receive the best service from this San Fernando Valley Dispensary. With well know Indica strains like King Louis, and OG Kush, and Sativa strains such as Blue Dream, and Durban Poison — this shop is perfect for the high end stoner who primarily smokes flower. While Hazel does offer great vape cartridges, and premium concentrates for dabbing, the good prices, and extensive variety of different weed strains make this Encino dispensary one weed shop you do not want to skip!


encino dispensary, sherman oaks dispensary, la dispensary, los angeles dispensary, dispensaries in san fernando valley


“Knowledge. Genetics. Quality.”


818-905-0420 |  15374 Dickens St., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Hours: M-S: 9:00am – 9:00pm, Sun: 10:00am-8:00pm

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Apothecary Website


This dispensary in Encino has a plethora of top quality indoor cannabis with every variety of weed strain. After the law changes, unable to produce its own house flower, Apothecary now only carries cannabis that is licensed by vendors.


Apothecary offers different deals everyday! Join their text program to be updated with their specials of the day, or visit their website. Apothecary also offers Red Dot Specials on certain strains of marijuana. Red Dots cost $25 for an 1/8th and $45 for a 1/4th! These deals make this Encino dispensary well rounded since most of the flower Apothecary carries is top shelf and taxed.


Established in 2006, Apothecary has been providing medical marijuana services for over 11 years!  Staffed with beautiful secretaries, and knowledgable bud tenders, Apothecary is a well-rounded dispensary. When it comes to quality high end cannabis, Apothecary is a great dispensary. It is centrally located directly off the 101 FWY and the 405 FWY exits for Sepulveda.The prime location of Apothecary makes this Encino dispensary a good choice. This prime location made it difficult to place as it can technically be a Sherman Oaks dispensary, Van Nuys weed shop, Encino dispensary, and a place to pick up medical marijuana in Studio City — all at the same time!


Van Nuys Dispensaries

There are a plethora of dispensaries in Van Nuys! We have a few more favorites that we haven’t mentioned here. Click to read the GreenMed Guide for our Van Nuys Dispensary picks!

van nuys dispensary, la dispensary, los angeles dispensary, dispensaries in san fernando valley



| 7555 Woodley Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406

Hours: 6am – 8pm


Kushism carries a variety of recreational marijuana strains for all different prices. This store is perfect for high-end smokers, as well as stoners on a budget! Take advantage of their specials, as well as their reasonably priced products. If you are looking for a good deal, pick up an 1/8th of their nug-filled shake for only $15 pre-tax!


Kushism offers two coupons on their website, one for patient referrals and the other for first-time patients. The discount will provide a gram for $1 on first time and referal visits. In addition to these deals, this Van Nuys dispensary offers early-bird specials for your wake and bake! Stop by Mon – Fri mornings between 6am and 9am to recieve any 1/8th for $25 plus tax!


This Van Nuys Dispensary has served to medical marijuana patients since May 2007! We hold Kushism in such high esteem comes from them. On top of being active contributors to various charitable organizations, Kushism hosts their own food and clothing drives for the local community. Kushism is a dispensary for medical marijuana Van Nuys is very fortunate to have! One of the best dispensaries in Los Angeles, Kushism is a definite dispensary in Van Nuys to visit.


van nuys dispensary, la dispensary, los angeles dispensary, dispensaries in san fernando valley

The Green Earth Farmacie

7756 Burnet Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91405

Hours: 10am-8pm daily



The Green Earth calendar is full of in-store demos, specials, and store announcements, keeping customers updated at all times. First-time patients are encouraged to ask about new-patient deals, including their $25 eighth special.



Green Earth Farmacie maintains a growing blog, as well. Though it is a work in progress, their blog is consistently growing and provides great insight and information for patrons. Specifically for the medical marijuana community, we enjoyed their May 2018 article about choosing the best strains for different activities. When looking for one of Van Nuys’ best and original medical marijuana dispensaries, look no further than Green Earth Farmacie!


van guys dispensary, la dispensary, los angeles dispensary, dispensaries in san fernando valley

Delta 9 Collective

(818) 997-1003  7648 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91405

Hours: 10am-8pm


Located on the northern side of Van Nuys, Delta 9 Collective Caregivers is a pre-ICO dispensary operating since 2006. Delta 9 offers its patients high-quality medicinal cannabis and appreciates donations as they say “they provide the means to cultivate, acquire, and test your medicine.”

With an active Twitter account, Delta 9 Collective patients can easily see many of their product offerings on their feed. For those a little less social media savvy, a clear and detailed menu can be found on their website. To ensure absolute compliance with the law, they also educate patients with a Know The Law section on their site. Here, patients can find answers to questions they may have about their rights and laws regulating medicinal marijuana. Patients clearly love Delta 9 Collective, saying things such as “Great collection of flowers and edibles. The staff are always nice and they always help you find what [you’re] looking for” and “High-quality buds, great prices, super friendly budtenders.” Customer service and knowledgeable staff give this dispensary a spot on our list!

As California has updated its marijuana laws, changes have occurred across the board. What was once solely legal for medicinal usage is now available for recreational consumption, but true quality will always be the most important factor. The smallest bit of research can provide you with a lengthy list of weed shops in Van Nuys (or Los Angeles, in general). Do you want to just venture into any shop, however? No! You want the best. We’ve provided our top picks for medical marijuana dispensaries in Van Nuys. These shops are in full compliance with local and state laws and provide their customers with quality products and superior service. The next time you find yourself in Van Nuys, know they’ve got your medical marijuana needs covered.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for checking out our top picks for Los Angeles dispensaries in the San Fernando Valley. Make sure to mention GreenMed at these LA dispensaries if we intrigued you enough to check any out!

Don’t forget, also check out our top picks for the Best Dispensaries in West Hollywood and Weed Shops in Santa Monica in this GreenMed Guide! Check back frequently to find out which area we will focus on next for the next installment of our GreenMed Guide: Best Dispensaries in Los Angeles, Part 2!


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None of the authors, administrators, or anyone connected with GreenMed, in any way whatsoever, can be responsible for your use of the information within links or directly from these web pages.

Laws regarding recreational marijuana are constantly changing! Always consult your local authorities or attorney for professional advice!


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