Does CBD Reduce High Blood Pressure?

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High blood pressure, or hypertension, has become a growing concern in an age where a sedentary lifestyle and overeating have become the norm. According to the CDC Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, roughly 75 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure and only about half have their conditions under control. Based on these figures, it is imperative that Americans begin adopting healthier lifestyles.

        How does this factor in with cannabis users? Well, based on our findings, the relationship between marijuana and blood pressure is a tad muddled at the moment. While there is research to support that marijuana increases blood pressure, there are also counterarguments that make the opposite case. Here is what we know so far.

Marijuana and Blood Pressure

What is the link between marijuana and blood pressure? Several studies have been conducted to better address the question, but many have proven inconclusive or limited. In her Business Insider article, Erin Brodwin dissects a study claiming that “marijuana users face a threefold risk of dying from high blood pressure.” According to the article, the study examined a pool of 1,200 people grouped according to their use of the drug. The results showed that the people who used marijuana were 3.42 times more likely to die from high blood pressure.

        However, as indicated by Brodwin, the study’s fault lies mainly in the fact that it did not differentiate between chronic users, those who used it occasionally, and those who tried it once. Furthermore, the study was observational and as such could not prove that marijuana causes high blood pressure, but simply that the two are related. Though this may be just one example of faulty research suggesting that cannabis use leads to high blood pressure, there are plenty more such incidents out there.

        So, does marijuana lower blood pressure? Well, we can’t be too sure about that either. However, according to some NCBI research studies, a certain component of cannabis -namely CBD, seems to lower blood pressure. The CBD blood pressure tests conducted in the NCBI study showed that the heart rate and blood pressure of the experimental group of volunteers were effectively lowered below that of the placebo group an hour after the CBD was administered. This makes sense considering that the popular phytocannabinoid is often used to lower inflammation and reduce stress in medical marijuana patients.

CBD Treatment for High Blood Pressure

        Like the study mentioned earlier, other NCBI research suggests that CBD is a vasodilator in controlled amounts. This means that the cannabis component can be used to stimulate and widen blood vessel walls allowing for increased blood flow and decreasing pressure on the heart. That being said, the same study states that vasoconstriction is also observed in CBD use, making the results a bit mixed.

        At this point, it is difficult to tell whether CBD can work as a good aid in lowering hypertension. Much more research needs to be done before fully understanding the effects of marijuana on the human body.

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