Drinking too Much Coffee Might be Affecting Your Buzz

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If you’re a person who consumes as much coffee with your morning wake and bake as I do, you may want to listen up. A new study shows that drinking large amounts of coffee (or anything with caffeine) can affect your high, according to Live Science.

Caffeine Can Affect Your High

A new study, published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, showed that large amounts (4 cups or more) of caffeine in the bloodstream may affect your buzz off from cannabis. It turns out that caffeine affects the way the endocannabinoids interact with the cannabinoids you ingest from smoking a good bowl. The study was conducted by Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

Researchers looked at the changes in metabolites that occur after drinking coffee, and noted that there were well defined changes in endocannabinoids, especially. As it turns out, caffeine may end up causing an opposite effect in the way cannabinoids interact with endocannabinoids. We don’t yet know how this will change your high, we only can conclude that it will.

To conduct the study, the research team used the results of a years old clinical trial regarding the effects of drinking large amounts of coffee. Participants were asked to quit drinking coffee a month prior to the clinical trial. For the first couple weeks participants drank four cups a day. They then began drinking eight cups a day during the last half of the clinical trial.

Of Course, Further Research is Needed

Naturally, I drink tons of coffee and smoke a lot of weed. I don’t know that I’ve ever noticed it affecting my high before. I’ve always just felt energized because I had drank a bunch of caffeine. It will be interesting to see further research on this.

Source: Live Science

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