Drug Free America Makes Another Ridiculous Claim About Legal Cannabis

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By now it is pretty well known that legal cannabis has done quite a lot to help combat the opiate crisis here in America. Studies have shown that when given the choice people will choose to use cannabis over pain pills. Another doctor in Canada is using cannabis to help his patients get over their addictions. The famously anti-cannabis group Drug Free America is trying to claim just the opposite, however.

Cannabis is Responsible for the Opiate Crisis Now?

In a recent letter to legislators in states where cannabis is legal, Drug Free America tried to make the claim that opioid overdoses were the fault of legal cannabis, and the “big cannabis” lobby. Hmm okay. DFA also makes the claim that using cannabis leaves one at a bigger risk for becoming dependent on prescription drugs.

The letter reads, “The marijuana lobby is pushing states to expand medical marijuana access to include opioid use disorders. The evidence that increased access to marijuana has reduced opioid overdose deaths however is weak and shortsighted.” This is not the case. The opposite is true. DFA’s letter attempts to back up its claims by using a study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse that states people who have used cannabis in the past year are 2.6 times more likely to abuse prescription opiates.

Obviously this is False

Naturally other cannahaters are joining in on the fun. Noted dimwit and prolific Twitter blocker Kevin Sabet of “Smart” Approaches to Marijuana along with the Marijuana Accountability Coalition both made the claim that “Big Marijuana” is somehow behind the current opiate crisis. MAC even released a “report card” in which they “graded” Colorado’s cannabis market (naturally they failed across the board because MAC is incapable of being objective in any way.

Of course, we know that this is completely ridiculous. It says a lot about these organizations that they are willing to blatantly lie to the public to suit their own agenda.

Source: Westword

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