Thinking of Flying High? Here’s How To Fly With Weed!

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How To Travel With Weed!

Marijuana is legal in most of the United States, however, marijuana users still stress about how to fly with weed. Whether you want to fly with weed, fly with vape pen, or just need a few tips on how to get your bud around with you, these GreenMed tips are sure to give you some great ideas.

travel with weed

Warning! Please be aware that your actions are to be performed at your own risk. GreenMed and authors are not responsible for consequences of performing actions listed within. An individual has every right to act of their own free will.

To Fly With Weed, Know The Rules!

People constantly ask “Can you fly with weed?” The answer is complicated depending on where you live.  While most states have legalized marijuana, it is still an illegal drug under federal law — and airports are ruled by federal agencies. Regardless, knowing the rules can streamline your ability to fly with weed.

fly with weed

TSA Guidelines

The Transportation Security Administration or TSA are the frontlines for airport security. Believe it or not, their job is NOT to look for illegal drugs, but to detect threats to airport security.

“Our officers are focused on security and are not searching specifically for substances that aren’t a threat to the aircraft…” TSA spokesman Bruce Anderson confirmed to High Times in an email.

So follow TSA rules exactly! Don’t pack anything that will warrant them to search your bags. If you are searched and some weed is found in your luggage, who does the TSA call?  They call the local cops—who enforce local law, not federal law.

TSA agents are also more strict or lenient depending on the location of the airport you are in and the leniency of the laws in the state you are traveling to.

How to fly with weed within the USA

Despite weed being illegal at the Federal level, State laws are going to protect your rights in the states that allow it. The TSA agents in lenient states are more likely to be more relaxed on letting you fly with weed in small amounts in a state that has completely legalized marijuana.

International Weed Travel

International travel poses the biggest risk. Once you land, you are completely at the mercy of the laws and law enforcement officers of the country you are in. While it is highly unlikely that you are going to be searched again on your way out of the airport, you will definitely be searched when you return for your flight home.

Never pack too much bud, because you absolutely do not want to fly with weed on your return trip back into America. This is where you searching is subject to the country’s law enforcement that you are visiting. Few countries are as laid back with weed as the USA. Do not risk the danger of bringing weed back into the states.

If you pack too much, trash it. When you get back, you can legally order fresh bud from GreenMed to be delivered right to your door!

Carry-On or Checking?

Check It Out  

If you are flying with weed, the easiest way to get your bud with you is to check it in your luggage, yet not the safest. Anything suspicious can warrant your luggage to be searched, and your weed to be confiscated.

Definitely not right on top, but you don’t want it stuffed away either, the TSA is looking for things that seem to be hidden away.

Carry It On

The reason for this is simple: The likelihood of your carry-on being searched is a lot smaller. As long as you’re not trying to pack something blatantly banned — like a can of spray paint, a lighter, or a half-full bottle of wine. That is why knowing the rules is so important.

Hidden in plain sight is the best way to go. Leave the bud in your carry-on bag with your things. Again, if it looks hidden away (like the inside of a jar, or a sock) it is going to look suspicious and stand out to TSA.

Different Products

Depending on what your preference is, there are different ways to stash your stash to be as inconspicuous as possible.


How to fly with weed

When you want to fly with weed, do not keep it in its normal containers. Roll up blunts or joints, and put them into an airtight bag that gets packed in with your toiletries, or into a cigarette pack. Buy lighters when you land, don’t pack them.

flying with vape pen

Flying with Vape Pens

If traveling with actual flower makes you nervous, flying with vape pen is the next best option.

The discretion and low profile are one of the most popular reasons to use a vape pen. Flying with hash oil pen or any other vape device will work just as well. Pack your pen in your toiletries. Another way is to keep your battery and your cartridge separate. If you throw your cartridge in your bag and your battery in your pocket, it is less obvious and more likely to make it inside with you.

Most disposable vape pens will not set off metal detectors and make it a breeze to bring inside, however, be sure you absolutely do not have any metal on you. If you set off the detectors then you have to be searched.

flying with edibles

Flying with Edibles

If you need a little extra help sleeping or relaxing on the plane, try flying with edibles! Definitely, do not keep them in the original packaging if you purchased your edibles from a legal dispensary.

Laws require weed products to be clearly labeled. Awesome when you are trying to separate your kid’s brownies from yours, not so great when dealing with security guards.

A lot of edibles are sometimes made into weed shapes. This is an obvious bust. Buy normally shaped snacks that you can put into an old snack packaging to get your edibles on a plane with you.


These tips can be utilized for all sorts of situations. Daytime activities, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, amusement parks, road trips, other forms of traveling, etc.

Regardless of which method you chose, the most important advice is to relax! If you look nervous or stressed out, you probably also look guilty. Just know you are not doing anything wrong (kind of), and you aren’t hurting anyone.


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