GreenMed Exchange Listing and Launch Competition

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GreenMed Exchange Listing Announcement

We here at GreenMed are beyond excited to share some news with you. As of today, HitBTC is now listing the GreenMed (GRMD) token.

GreenMed is the world’s first Ethereum backed payment solution that allows users to use their credit or debit cards to purchase cannabis products from dispensaries directly from their mobile devices. Gone are the days of waiting in line with a wad of cash to get your cannabis. Now with our Exchange Launch Competition beginning, there has never been a better time to sign up with GreenMed.

Exchange Launch Competition

To celebrate this occasion we here at GreenMed would like to invite you to enter our exclusive Exchange Launch competition. In order to be eligible to win, users must first open a HitBTC account using this referral link and complete a minimum of 0.1 BTC worth of trades. Whomever generates the largest amount of trade volume will win the first prize. The contest will start when the GRMD token is listed on HitBTC and will run for 7 full days.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st: 5000 GRMD tokens

2nd: 2500 GRMD tokens

3rd-5th: 1000 GRMD tokens

GreenMed Slack and Telegram Bounty

That’s not all! Anyone who joins the GreenMed Slack channel or the GreenMed Telegram will receive GRMD tokens too. 10.000 tokens will be available for bounty claims, you can find the bounty sign up sheet here and sign up to join Slack here and Telegram here. Make one post on Slack or Telegram by introducing yourself. 2.5 GRMD tokens will be given to everyone who joins.

Important: Please remember to report your Ethereum ERC-20 wallet address after you have signed up for either Telegram or Slack, and made a comment on the Bitcoin Talk thread here. You can find more information about either of these programs by clicking this link.

This is an Exciting Time to Join GreenMed

There has never been a better time to join GreenMed than right now. With the app’s state of the art technology, GreenMed is poised to bring the cannabis industry into the 21st century!



  1. Thank your inspiring the cannabis community to use digital currency so the governments can’t track the spending.

    • Philippa nichol on

      As a no bitcoin but a trying to stay active green lives person, how to get into this bitcoin. How to learn how to buy in.

  2. What current CA cannabis dispensaries do you operate with? Can you also do Canna deliveries drivers payments with that app? Does the IRS accept this program?

  3. Hi, I just put your app on my phone. Online signup was just a tiny bit glitchy but all my personal data was correct when I opened app. Looking good!
    Do you have a new date for the HitBTC exchange listing?

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