How Do I Choose the Best Vape Pen?

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The popularity of vaporizing, or vaping, has skyrocketed in recent years leading to a dramatic increase in the number of marijuana vape pens on the market. As marijuana laws are evolving, the accessibility to these tools is also increasing. If you walk into almost any head shop in a state or country where weed is legal you’re sure to find a variety of weed pens for sale. GreenMed is here to help you choose the best vape pen for you!

So… how do you know which one to choose? How long does a vape pen last? The number of variations when choosing a weed pen can be overwhelming! You will want to consider vape pen battery life, the size of your pen, personal style preference, whether it takes oil or flower, etc. We explore a variety of factors to consider when purchasing a weed vape pen.

How Does A Vape Pen Work?

Before jumping into all the various options you have when selecting your marijuana vape pen, we ask this: How does a weed pen work? The simple answer is that every pen has the same basic elements: a battery, an atomizer, a tank/chamber, a mouthpiece, and a button you press to use your pen. The heating element in a pen is the atomizer. This heats the oil or flower to just below the combustion temperature, allowing the oil or flower to vaporize and the user to inhale vapor instead of smoke. The end effect is the same, but the user gets to bypass the more harmful qualities of inhaling smoke. The chamber is loaded with marijuana flower or concentrate. The button activates the battery, which heats the atomizer (frequently made of quartz or ceramic), which in turn heats the chamber and allows you to inhale the marijuana vapor through the mouthpiece. Temperature is key here. The lower the temperature, the lower the quality and quantity of the vapor (and vice versa). Some pens have temperature settings, though most portable pens offer fewer variable settings.

Vape Pen Size

When it comes to size, vape pens come in a fairly large variety. There are smaller, more discrete pens for the user who prefers to keep their vaping less obvious or who simply prefer a less-cumbersome pen. On the contrary, there are larger units which are slightly more conspicuous. For this factor, the major choice comes down to personal preference. Both styles will have options that look essentially the same. One difference is that the smaller, more discrete pen is frequently better suited for use with oils or wax versus actual bud. Sometimes these willfully combust your flower unless you spring for a more expensive, higher-quality pen. Along with size comes style.

Again, this is entirely up to your personal preference as one color or design element may appeal to you more than another. Consider the design, however, and its effect on the durability of your pen. Some pens are more durable than others. If you’re prone to accidents, consider a sturdier model.

Dry Herb, Wax, or Cartridges?

This brings us to the choice of what to actually vaporize with your pen!

Weed vape pens will vary from model to model in regards to their usage of wax, oils, or flower. The coils, both ceramic and quartz, are medical grade and are designed to have no influence on the flavor of your weed so that is not a major concern. With regard to the coils, it can be noted that ceramic coils retain their heat a little longer whereas quartz coils heat up faster. The differences beyond that are relatively negligible, especially to beginner vape pen users. Most pens are going to be better designed to work with wax and oils so knowing what you want to use in your pen and researching what your pen choice is best for is essential during the purchasing process. Remember that if you choose to use actual bud, you’ll need to grab a grinder, as well. Chances are you may already have one, though!

Continuing the discussion on waxes, oils, and actual bud: which is best for you? Marijuana vape pens that use dry herb heat up the weed and allow the active ingredients to be released as vapor (usually heated to 310-430 degrees Fahrenheit). This provides a more traditional smoking experience but doesn’t actually deliver the THC in its purest form. The second type of pen will use wax and concentrates (such as hash) to provide users their vaping experience. Models for this type of pen may use wicks and coils (which heat the wax quickly) or coil-less chambers (which heat a little less quickly). Wax vapor is a purer delivery of THC than traditional dry herb and can be a preference for some. Lastly to consider is a weed pen that uses oil cartridges. These are preloaded cartridges with vape juice (THC oils).

The primary difference between this and the other types of pens is that once the cartridge is empty, you simply replace it as opposed to refilling it. The delivery system is the same amongst all vape pens, so choosing the type of weed or substance you want to use will help you determine which type of pen is best for you. As mentioned previously, there are pens on the market designed for multiple varieties of cannabis product. If you’re a person who likes to change how you vape, consider one of these:

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life for your vape pen, this will largely be influenced by the frequency of usage and temperature (if you have a pen with a variable temperature). The higher the temperature, the faster the depletion of your battery. Some models come with extra batteries or larger batteries to extend your battery life per charge. If your pen has a USB charger (like most) you can charge your pen in the car while on the go!

As you can see, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a vape pen. Which one is best for you will ultimately come down to your personal preference of cannabis product, pen style, and which is most convenient for your lifestyle.

Remember: Parts on your pen will need to be replaced over time, so prepare for that, and using a pen that needs a new atomizer, coils, etc. will result in a sub-par experience and potentially damage your product. If you live in a location where marijuana is legal, GreenMed can provide options for pens to choose from and get you vaping right away.


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