How to Find Weed in a New City

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Your weed dealer is probably the only name in your phone whose number you have memorized. But what happens if you move to a new city? Or when you’re on vacation and you want to get some bud? Chances are that your dealer doesn’t make long-distance deliveries. What do you do when you don’t know how to find weed in the city you’re in? Don’t panic! Even if you don’t know a soul, use these GreenMed tips on how to find weed in a new city.

Bartenders Are Your Friends

If you don’t want to use the ultimate app to find weed dealers, a social night on the town will yield plenty of results. A good bartender can talk about sports, movies, the best clubs to go to, restaurants, and even where to find weed! Don’t be creepy about it, but after you’ve gotten some conversation in (and tipped well) it wouldn’t hurt to inquire if they know where somebody who’s new in town could find some weed.

Even if they don’t smoke themselves, chances are somebody else on staff does and can hook you up. Opening up the possibility of getting a connection for your weed and also maybe making a new friend in the process!

Go Back To School!

Most colleges have an off-campus “college town” where the majority of the students live. College kids usually don’t have cars, so there will be resources within walking distance of campus. Simply walk around these communities and you’ll probably see people smoking marijuana on their balconies. College is a place where weed is very social; don’t feel shy when striking up a conversation asking how to find a plug.

Another way to use colleges to your advantage is to go on the actual campus and sniff out the stoners. Look for large grassy areas where the students hang out during the day. Here you can find a wide variety of people doing various activities like studying, playing Frisbee, and (of course) smoking weed. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Now you have weed and met some interesting people in the process!

Valet Don’t Only Park Cars

Want to know how to find weed on vacation? A great place to start is with the valet of the hotel you are staying at! Often, they know their way around the city. People are always looking for ways to make a little extra money on the side, so the hardest part about this whole situation is working up the nerve to ask! Chances are that the valets are going to work their magic and you will leave as a happy customer. When they do hook you up, show your appreciation by leaving them something extra for their work.

How to Find Weed with GreenMed!

The easiest way to find weed in a new city is to use GreenMed! Not only can you search where the closet dispensaries are to you, but you can also search by product. If your marijuana needs are specific, we can help you locate exactly what you need, and who is carrying it closest to you! In addition, GreenMed offers delivery services. Sit back and unpack while we drop off your favorite joints right to your new address!

The best place to look for your weed is over at GreenMed. We make your search easy and help you throughout your process. GreenMed — Cannabis Simplified!



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