How to Open a Dispensary in North Dakota

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North Dakota recently became the latest state to legalize medical cannabis. Medical dispensaries aka Compassion Centers will be closely monitored by the North Dakota Department of Public Health. Currently, there are no dispensaries operating in the state. Read on to find out what it will take to open a dispensary in North Dakota.

Legalization in North Dakota

As of April 2017, North Dakota has been open for medical cannabis businesses. The state will allow 2 cultivation facilities and eight dispensaries in total. All dispensaries will be regulated and controlled by the North Dakota Department of Public Health. Potential dispensary owners will have to pay a non-refundable 5 thousand dollar application fee. If approved by the regulation committee, the applicant will then pay a 90 thousand dollar fee to open up their dispensary

The state will award compassion center licenses based on a merit. This means that they may take into consideration things such as the planned location for the dispensary. The applicant’s character and experience in related fields, as well as the potential centers’ plans will be heavily scrutinized. Your Compassion Center’s plans should include record keeping, safety, security, staffing, and training. Other things that will be looked at will be whether or not or not the applicant has enough capital, as well as their ability to make medication affordable for all patients.

Applications are expected to be available in 2018 mid August to September, possibly later.

How Many Dispensaries in North Dakota?

As of April 2017 there are a projected total of four cultivation centers and eight dispensaries. The state is still in the process of licensing its dispensaries, aka compassion centers. There is some speculation that North Dakota may put adult use, aka recreational cannabis on the ballot later this year.

What is the Cannabis Industry Worth in North Dakota?

It is difficult to anticipate how well the state’s medical cannabis program is going to be received by patients. Via supported analysis of other medical states, the state of North Dakota expects nearly 2,000 patients to register for the program by year’s end 2019. Also, 950 caregivers and as many as 300 compassion center agents are expected to be registered in the program. Further patients, caregivers, and compassion center agents will be required to pay an initial fee of 200 dollars to the Department of Health. They will also have to renew their registration ID on an annual basis. Overall, the state is anticipating 630 thousand dollars and in 2021 the projected medical sales are expected to reach 27.5 million

Profits of the cannabis industry in North Dakota

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Licensing Requirements

North Dakota is still drafting its laws for potential dispensary owners. It is a good idea to read through Compassionate Care Centers and/or start learning more about running a nonprofit organization. Individual municipalities reserve the right to oppose any dispensary in their area. You should always be well informed of local laws.

Financial Requirements

Application Fees include a compassion center application fee of $5,000 and a Compassion Center licensing fee of $25,000. The Compassion Center application fee is non refundable.


Typically it takes a year after applying to meet all of the requirements, find employees, pay all fees, etc.

 Consulting Companies

The following firms provide a wide range of services including explaining North Dakota’s licensing requirements as well as application assistance.


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