How to Start a Marijuana Delivery Service in Montana

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Medical cannabis was legalized in Montana, with the passing of initiative 48, but the program provided no provisions for any kind of dispensary program. A comprehensive medical cannabis program was passed in 2016.

Currently, only registered caregivers and providers are allowed to transport or deliver cannabis products in the state. You must be one of those to open a delivery service in the state.

Cannabis retail stores are required to obtain a “Marijuana Infused Products Provider” license or MIPP license. Montana is currently accepting applications for new businesses. There is no deadline, but it would be better to do it sooner rather than later.

Legalization in Montana

Montana residents voted for initiative 48 which legalized medical cannabis in favor 62-38 percent voted in favor of it, which is actually a tremendous margin. The law made it legal for qualified patients to possess cannabis, as long as it was authorized by a licensed physician. Patients may also grow their own cannabis in the privacy of their home, at least until the state’s dispensary program is up and running.

When was cannabis made legal

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The newer bill, SB 033, was signed in May of 2017 by Montana’s governor. It allows medical marijuana organizations to establish businesses within the state of Montana. Testing facilities and dispensaries alike will be allowed, as long as they follow the regulations in place.

Applications are currently being accepted, so we will likely see the first dispensaries (and delivery services) popping up around the state fairly soon.

How Many Dispensaries Operate in Montana?

There are more than 100 caretakers actively dispensing and delivering cannabis in the state, each of which is required to have no more than three patients. There are currently no dispensaries operating in the state of Montana.

There is no limit on the number of dispensaries allowed in the Montana, this is because none have been opened yet. Old dispensaries are now allowed to reopen. As always, local municipalities have the right to determine whether or not a a dispensary or other cannabis business is allowed to operate there. It is always a good idea to make sure you are familiar with local laws and regulations in your area.

What is Montana’s Cannabis Market Worth?

Montana’s cannabis industry is growing fast. The state reached 19.6 million in sales in 2016 alone. By 2021 profits are expected to reach 58 million, at least according to projections.

How much money is there in the dispensary market

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Licensing and Financial Requirements

All license recipients must be able to prove that they are residents of the state of Montana. You can expect to go through a criminal background check when you apply.

There are several fees, as you could probably imagine. Providers of cannabis and cannabis infused products will pay up to one thousand dollars for 10 cardholders registered at their dispensary. If there are more than 10 registered cardholders, the fee will be five thousand dollars. If your cannabis business provides customers with both cannabis and cannabis infused products, then you will only need one license. Testing may pay up to 1,200 dollars for their licensing fees.


Starting a cannabis delivery service in Montana can take up to a year, or possibly more depending on your particular situation. You may want to plan for at least a year to get your finances in order.

Consulting Companies

The following companies will help you with everything you need to open up a cannabis delivery service in the state of Montana, such as acquiring a license, educating you on local laws, and advising you on the business in general.


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