Koch Brothers Criticize Trump over State’s Rights on Cannabis

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If we were still worried about an impending crackdown on legal cannabis, you may not have to worry about it anymore. It seems that the billionaire Koch brothers, who happen to be major donors to the Republican party, are not big fans of the Justice Department’s plan to go after the billion dollar legal cannabis industry. This may just be the thing that gets Jeff Sessions to back off for good on the subject. The energy fighting him could then be spent on legalizing cannabis throughout the US.

For Once the Koch Brothers do Something Right

The pair released a statement that was highly critical of the Trump administration, in particular attorney general Jeff Sessions. The gist of the statement was that the American people had made up our minds by choosing to legalize cannabis in these states in the first place. They then stated that the administration needed to honor individual state’s rights. You know, the same rights Republicans always claim to stand for. This is at least the case when it comes to things like the second amendment. They tend to falter on state’s rights when it comes to things like LGBTQ rights and legal cannabis.

The statement, which can be read here, is as follows, “That Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a Republican appointee in a Republican administration, is undoing a Democratic appointee’s work from a Democratic administration is irrelevant.” So yes, destroying a Democrat’s legacy is not the issue. The statement then goes on to read, “Republicans and Democrats alike have criticized the decision, and for good reason: It does little to improve the lives of people in our communities.”

What this most likely means is the Koch brothers may start threatening to withhold donations from the Republican party. That is if they continue to obstruct legal cannabis. Whether or not this will lead to full legalization remains to be seen, but it will be interesting to see the outcome.

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Will this lead to cannabis legalization? Will the administration at least back off? Tell us in the comments!


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