Must Try: Top 5 Delicious Stoner Candies

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In today’s market, you can find weed candies everywhere. The appeal of edible candies is obvious. Who doesn’t love sweets that come with an awesome high? Another positive aspect is they’re discrete and easy to keep with you. Unlike rolling a joint or carrying a vape pen, you can carry a piece of candy around and eat it whenever you want and that’s that!

Maybe sour patch weed gummies are your jam, or perhaps you’ve found heaven in a cotton candy weed edible. Stoner candies come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and flavors. Whether you’re looking for a fun time, munching on edibles to help you sleep, or maybe pain relief, look no further! Here is our list of top five delicious stoner candies:

Sour Patch Weed Gummies

cotton candy weed edible taste like the regular candies! Unfortunately, that’s also their most dangerous trait. You’ll be super tempted to eat the entire package but we urge you not to do this! Consider eating the proper dosage to get you high then switch over to the regular versions to satisfy those munchies.

Gummy Bear and Gummy Ring Edibles

Marijuana gummies don’t get much better than delicious little gummy bears! These treats hit the spot and add to our list of best stoner candies. Gummy bear edibles are also excellent alternatives for those who don’t want the sour flavoring that comes with the sour patch weed gummies!

Sort of like their gummy bear cousins, gummy rings are super popular weed-infused candies. These marijuana gummies come in various flavors but our favorite is watermelon! Who doesn’t love a delicious adult spin on a childhood favorite? You’ll likely be tempted to overindulge in these candies but, like with everything, moderation is key. Besides, you don’t want to run out that fast, do you?

Cotton Candy Weed Edibles

The cotton candy weed edible is the sugary piece of heaven you won’t know what to do without! An enormous thank you to the creative marijuana industry for their never-ending search for the next best thing. Cotton candy weed breaks stereotypes against cannabis consumption. Who doesn’t love cotton candy? It brings a smile to everyone’s face (not to mention a fantastic high)!

Weed-Infused Chocolate Bars

A classic that never gets old: the chocolate bar. Combining two of our favorite things, weed, and chocolate, these candy bars never fail to satisfy! There are a ton of options available on the market so try various ones until you find your favorite. Be sure to keep some regular chocolate bars around for when you crave more chocolate later!

Weed Lollipops

Lollipops aren’t just for kids! These very-adult versions are one of our top five favorites. Not only are they easy to carry with you and discrete to ingest, they’re tasty! Weed lollipops come in a variety of flavors so you’re sure to find a favorite.

Weed-infused candies continue to grow in popularity. Love chocolate? Done! Sour patch weed gummies more your style? They’re delicious! There are sooo many other options when it comes to choosing the best edibles. Take some time to try them all and see which is your fave! As always, GreenMed will be here to bring them right to your door. GreenMed – Cannabis Simplified!


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