Research: Does CBD Help Heart Disease?

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Heart disease isn’t altogether uncommon. It can stem from a variety of factors such as lifestyle, overall health, and genetics. Not everyone with heart disease experiences it the same. Some may simply need to monitor themselves while others require extensive medical procedures.

CBD for heart health may sound strange to some, but more and more evidence is accumulating to show its benefits. With CBD heart disease symptoms can be alleviated. In fact, a study showed that rats administered CBD prior to heart attacks experienced less damage and increased chances of recovery. So does CBD and congestive heart failure go hand-in-hand? It may!

Symptoms of Heart Disease/Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure occurs when your heart no longer pumps blood the way it should. It is a weakening of the heart and a result of several different ailments such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Some symptoms of congestive heart failure include shortness of breath, inability to exercise, fatigue, nausea, etc. It is a very serious health status and should be overseen by a health professional, as well.

How CBD Works in the Body

CBD, an abbreviation of its full name cannabidiol, is one of the two major compounds produced by marijuana. Unlike its counterpart, THC, CBD doesn’t have psychoactive qualities. Instead, it has medicinal qualities even acknowledged by the WHO! CBD can treat anxiety along with a number of other conditions, and even possibly help heal broken bones. Cannabinoids like CBD promote homeostasis, keeping your body balanced.

CBD for Heart Health

So then how exactly is CBD for heart health? No, unfortunately, CBD does not miraculously go in and cure everything but it alleviates many contributing factors of congestive heart failure. CBD is known for helping reduce high blood pressure. It also helps protect against vascular damage caused by a high-glucose environment. One of the major benefits of CBD for heart health comes in vasorelaxation. This is a reduction in the tension of the walls of red blood cells which is a decrease in vascular tension.

Patients also frequently use CBD for heart health to reduce inflammation, quell nausea, and fight sleep apnea. These are all on the list of major contributing factors to congestive heart failure. CBD also comes without many of the side effects traditional medications have when treating these symptoms. It’s a win-win!

So does CBD and congestive heart failure go together? We think it should! The positive relationship between the two could mean prolonging a patient’s life, easing their symptoms, and creating a better quality of life altogether.

With CBD heart disease can be more manageable. It is a serious medical condition but proper treatment and lifestyle changes can often see patients lead a relatively normal life. As CBD is becoming more valued and accepted for its medicinal qualities, we expect to see more patients turn to it. Its treatment of ailments directly linked to heart disease and congestive heart failure is irrefutable. GreenMed can help you have your CBD delivered right to your door! GreenMed – Cannabis Simplified.


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