How To Choose The Strongest Weed Strain in 2018

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With cannabis becoming more mainstream, it would be nice if people actually knew how to pick the good fruit from the bad fruit. Yup, that cannabis flower, it’s technically a fruit, and there are many things the customer should keep an eye out for when picking the strongest weed strain.

If you’ve been consuming cannabis for some time, the quality was literally the same as the name of the cannabis you purchased, there wasn’t white widow and blue dream to choose from, you got either brick weed from the border, Thai sticks,  Lebanese hash and if you are lucky the occasional hydro.

So walking into a dispensary today, or even your local grower, can be a bit hard to pick out high-quality products. Luckily, GreenMed helps you understand what characteristics to look for to pick the most potent strain.

How Much Do You Smoke?

When it comes to finding the strongest weed strains, the first and most important thing to ask yourself is: What is your tolerance?

This is such a pivotal role in discerning quality since someone with a low tolerance will be less interested in potent cannabis strains. For someone with a low tolerance, even a small dose of THC will give them a buzz. Therefore the focus should be on the cultivation practices to make sure they are consuming a clean product since strength is less of an issue.

If you do have a high tolerance, and you enjoy strong marijuana strains with high potency, try looking for these following characteristics.

Resin Gland Density

This is extremely important when picking the strongest weed strains. Resin Glands are the cannabinoid-containing plant structures — the part of the weed plant that gets you high.

The naked eye observes a high resin gland density as an extremely frosty and crystallized flower. See it even better with a magnifying loop — just look for the transparent stalks with bulbous heads. However, this method can also be deceiving as most things look more impressive when magnified. You might end up thinking it is way more resin dense than it actually is! Keep to the naked eye for a better judge of this. This is not the only factor you should be considering when looking for cannabis potency.

Terpene Levels

For this one you’ll need to use your nose. Terpenes are essential oils. Properly aged and cured bud will of released all, or most of its chlorophyll, leaving you with the delicious terpene profiles indigenous to cannabis. The emphasis here is on properly aged and cured flower, which most bud isn’t. When the process is incomplete, you yield a marijuana strain that smells mostly like hay.

A strong aromatic flavor is a great indication of a potent weed strain. If it lacks flavor initially, it isn’t done curing and the terpene smell is trapped inside. In which case, break open a small nug to release the smells trapped inside. This allows for a quick release of terpenes, and natural bud smells. Which terpene you like is really up to your body chemistry, and the effect you’re looking for.

Lab-Tested Weed Strains

This metric for quality is still in its infancy stages and not completely understood. Lab testing compares different marijuana strains to each other. Simply put, the lab testing compares samples to each other, however the practices vary greatly. Based on the measurement practice used, you can see how different strains fared against each other from different growers.

Many long time cannabis consumers say that testing results don’t align to the actual feeling and effect. Despite varieties in methods and results, lab testing is important. Testing is the best method to know your cannabis has no additives or pesticides.


Next time you’re in need of that forbidden fruit, remember GreenMed takes the complications out of finding the strongest weed strains for you. GreenMed — Cannabis Simplified!




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