Study Shows Cannabis Users Have Lower Risk Of Stroke

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New science shows that cannabis users are less likely to suffer a stroke because cannabis improves blood flow and oxygen to the brain. The study, conducted by the University of Texas in Dallas, looked at the effects of cannabis use on the brain over a longer period of time. Strokes are typically caused by blood clots which can restrict the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. The researchers found that cannabis reduced the risk of blood clots, thus lowering the risk of a stroke.

The study consisted of a group of 74 reported cannabis users and 101 non users. Researchers measured the cerebral blood flow (CBF) of participants over the course of 60 days.They had some interesting findings. First of all, it seems that the heavier a cannabis user you are, the lower your risk for a stroke. The heaviest users had the most efficient blood and oxygen flow. This makes sense because we know from previous studies that cannabis relaxes the blood vessels.

That’s a good Reason to Indulge More!

The team also found that blood flow to the reward center of the brain increased (oh really you think?). This area of the brain, known as the putamen also deals with learning and habit forming. This finding showed that cannabis can even create new circulatory pathways, in addition to dilating existing ones.

I guess I found a reason to up my cannabis consumption. You can read the study in full here.

Source: Daily Mail

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So, how much lower is your risk of a stroke? Are you planning on lowering it even more? Tell us below!


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