Subway Restaurant Busted for Selling Dimebags with Sandwiches

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A Subway restaurant in Highland Park, Michigan has been busted for selling a different kind of green with their sandwiches, finally giving people a reason to go to Subway. Police raided the Woodward ave location in the Detroit suburb Friday. The officers received an anonymous tip that two sandwich artists were allowing customers to “customize” their orders in a manner not endorsed by the Subway corporation. They confirmed the illegal activity in an undercover sting and then made the arrests.

That’s Not on the Menu!

After the bust, the cops found large quantities of cash and cannabis, making it fairly clear that this operation had been going on for quite some time. A small stash was also found in one of the employee’s cars. The perpetrators were a store manager who had worked at the restaurant for going on 12 years and as well as a cashier. Well, Subway claims to use fresh ingredients, so we can at least be sure that the ganja the two employees were selling was probably pretty dank. The investigation is still ongoing, and will probably be going for quite some time. The location has been temporarily shut down, but will be reopened with employees from other locations.

Having known people who’ve worked as managers in fast food restaurants, I can tell you that they don’t make a very good living. Most managers barely make above minimum wage, and they have to do twice the work of a cashier. If these restaurants paid their employees a wage that they could live off of, their employees would not have to resort to doing things like selling weed. That’s just my two cents.


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