The Tech Industry And The Cannabis Industry: A Match Made In Heaven?

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There’s been no better time to be a cannabis enthusiast than right now. Cannabis legalization has made for some exciting advances in the world of cannabis tech. The marriage of the tech industry and the cannabis industry may turn into the next big tech boom as we are seeing new technology in all aspects of the cannabis industry, from growing,  all the way to new and exciting consumption tools.

Even Microsoft and Apple are Getting on Board

It seems that everyone wants a piece of the burning hot action that is the cannabis industry, including some major players in the tech industry. Last year, Microsoft decided to get into the fun. TNW reported that tech giant Apple filed a patent for their own vaporizer. It’s called High Sierra, not called iVape, which if you ask me is a lost opportunity. Pax has an app to go along with the Pax 3 and Pax Era models. That’s just consumption tools.

Other Startups are Jumping in too!

A startup in Boston has developed a device called the G908 which can be used to find impurities in different phenotypes of cannabis plants. The company 908 Devices, hopes to have their device in every cannabis lab in America soon. Thanks to the tech industry, it’s becoming easier and easier for anyone to grow cannabis.  Growing Apps such as Grow Buddy anyone can grow any strain of cannabis, no matter how bad they are at gardening.

So, it seems as though the cannabis industry and the tech industry are a match made in heaven. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t some underlying questions and concerns. Will all of these tech giants push smaller operations out the door? I certainly hope not, but such is the nature of capitalism. How will the tech industry’s influence legalization? Currently, cannabis is legal either medicinally or recreationally in a good chunk of the country. We know that the tech industry wields a lot of influence in the US government, particularly the legislative branch. Will their influence eventually lead to full on legalization? Will the often threatened federal crackdown on cannabis affect the relationship between the two, or will the cannabis industry continue to boom and eventually become the biggest industry in the US, if not the world?

Image Source: University Herald

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