The Best Medical Marijuana Strains for Asthma

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Asthma is a lung disease which causes swelling of airways in a person. Symptoms of asthma include periods of trouble breathing, coughing, a tight chest, and wheezing. The disease is very common, with the CDC claiming 1 in 13 people suffering from asthma. It has no cure and frequently begins in childhood, but is a manageable disease. Asthma symptoms are typically worst in the early morning and at night. Extremes such as cold air or overdoing exercise are also known to prompt asthma attacks.


As the positive medical benefits of marijuana come to light further and further, for the people who have asthma pot is a treatment to quell symptoms. It’s marijuana’s CBD asthma sufferers benefit from as CBD helps with inflammation, anxiety, pain, and tons of other ailments. With all the ways to use marijuana, what’s the best way? Also, what the best medical marijuana strains for asthma?


CBD for Asthma: Edibles or Smoke/Vape?


Wondering how best to consume cannabis to help with your asthma problems? We’ve got you covered! There are a variety of ways to use marijuana but our two choice methods for asthmatics are edibles and vaping. Firstly, smoking is typically a major no-go for asthmatics so the smoke can be dangerous in itself. You don’t want your treatment to cause bigger problems than you already had! Edibles and asthma aren’t a bad combo, especially since edibles can provide a stronger high. They do take longer to kick in, however, so they aren’t as reliable during the onset of an asthma attack.


Vaping, however, is a faster, smoke-free way that to those with asthma pot can help. The convenience of vaping already leads to it being the most prevalent method of using marijuana. Vaping is less harsh on the throat and lungs, a major benefit to asthmatics, and works immediately. Due to the higher concentration of CBD asthma attacks can be soothed faster and patients can find relief sooner.


However you choose to use, we highly recommend avoiding methods with traditional smoke. Smoke is a serious trigger for people with asthma. It’s harder on the throat and lungs, which are most affected by asthma, and can make breathing even harder. As we said earlier, you don’t want your treatment to be the cause of your attack!

Edibles and Asthma


So you’ve decided to try the edibles and asthma combination to treat your asthma. Sure! Remember that edibles do not work immediately. Sometimes they can take up to an hour or two to kick in. As previously said, this reason makes edibles and asthma a bad mix as you ’re already having an attack. Not all edibles are created equal, either. If you’re choosing edibles for medicinal purposes, consider choosing one high in CBD. The higher the percentage of CBD asthma sufferers ingest in their edible, the more symptom relief they experience. Need help understanding more about edibles in general? GreenMed has you covered; we put together an extensive guide to help you choose the best marijuana edibles!

Best Strains for Asthma


Edibles aside, let’s take a look at the more traditional method of using marijuana. As previously mentioned, it’s usually (though not always!) the strains with higher levels of CBD asthma patients will want to consider. We’ve provided our list of favorite strains known for helping with symptoms commonly experienced by those with asthma:


One of our favorites from articles past, Harlequin is a rare strain of marijuana. This strain has levels of CBD asthma sufferers can rejoice over! Coming in at as much as 11% CBD and with THC content ranging from 5% to 10%, Harlequin offers users relief from inflammation. This reduced inflammation can help prevent or manage asthma attacks if they occur.


Looking at it as a whole, this strain has an ideal combination of levels of THC and CBD asthma users benefit from. While CBD helps with inflammation, the THC levels bring about uplifting and euphoric feelings. This soothes anxiety, pain, and other factors that can contribute to an asthma attack. Since it doesn’t make the user instantly sleepy, Harlequin is a strain that asthma patients can use at any time of the day.

Charlotte’s Web


For those with asthma, pot selection can be crucial. Charlotte’s Web also tops our list of best medical marijuana strains for asthma. Though named for a young girl who suffered from seizures, this strain has the combo of being low in THC and high in CBD asthma patients seek. Charlotte’s Web doesn’t give users the psychoactive effects of THC but the CBD levels combat inflammation and relieve pain. It’s recommended highly for those who have severe chest tightness caused by asthma. The uplifting effects of this strain will also improve your mood! Perfect for any time of day, Charlotte’s Web is the strain to fight asthma pot smokers needed.

Afghan Kush


This is the strain very high in THC and moderate in CBD asthma patients find the exception to the rule. Afghan Kush is a pure indica strain that has a mellow but sometimes fruity taste. This strain hits hard and isn’t recommended for first-time users. Providing intense bodily relaxation and comfort, Afghan Kush can be a good nighttime weed for those with asthma. We’d suggest not using this strain during the day if you have anywhere you need to be!

Green Crack


A favorite among medical marijuana users is Green Crack. This strain’s another exception to the rule as it is very high in THC. The lower CBD asthma patients aren’t used to considering isn’t a major issue here. Green Crack provides its users with a major cerebral high known for spurring creativity and focus. It also helps with symptoms of asthma and has long been a favorite for patients!

Nebula II CBD


As one of the best medical marijuana options on the market, Nebula II CBD is a sativa variant. As the name suggests, this strain is high in CBD (reaching 8%). This higher level of CBD makes it a perfect strain for treating chronic conditions such as asthma. The THC levels match the CBD levels making this a strain great for being social.


Medical marijuana for asthma treatment isn’t a new thing but is becoming more and more popular. Edibles and asthma can go hand-in-hand, but our preference is vaping. The quicker effects and a wider variety of options available make it appealing for consistent usage. GreenMed is proud to help asthma patients learn what works best and to deliver products to their door where available. GreenMed – Marijuana Simplified.



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