Top 3 Benefits of Cannabis for Multiple Sclerosis

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Patients using marijuana for medicinal purposes gained popularity in the 21st century as natural medicine gained widespread notoriety. It’s no surprise, then, that for those suffering from multiple sclerosis marijuana is sometimes seen as a miracle. The drugs used to treat MS can possibly come with a whole host of horrible side effects. Relief for many symptoms can come from using marijuana and MS patients report positive experiences introducing weed into their treatment.

Marijuana is able to help quell some of those side effects and treat some symptoms of MS.

Marijuana and MS

So what is MS? MS, or multiple sclerosis, is a debilitating disease involving an abnormal response of the immune system which affects the central nervous system. The body’s immune system targets myelin, a substance that surrounds nerves, which causes the scars (or sclerosis). This scarage affect the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves causing a wide array of symptoms. Some of these symptoms are inflammation, spasms, clinical depression, pain, and loss of mobility.

Marijuana and MS fit together here, as cannabis is known to be an effective treatment for many of those symptoms. Cannabinoids have been shown to slow the progression of MS as they have neuroprotective and immunosuppressive qualities. Therefore with multiple sclerosis marijuana with higher levels of CBD will be the most effective. We provide three top benefits of cannabis for multiple sclerosis:

Marijuana Benefit 1: Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation caused by the attack on myelin can lead to a load of issues for sufferers of MS. This swelling can reduce motor skills and cause immense pain. Fighting inflammation is a leading benefit of cannabis and MS patients have reported relief from marijuana usage. In fact, the anti-inflammatory properties of marijuana have been reported as 20 times more effective than aspirin in pain treatment.

Marijuana Benefit 2: Reduced Pain and Spasms

MS patients often report pain and spasms as part of their symptoms. In fact, up to 80% of MS sufferers report having muscle spasms. The spasms are involuntary contractions of muscles that lead to pain and stiffness.

In 1997, a study conducted found nearly all 112 marijuana users with MS tested reported reduced pain and spasticity from weed usage. Furthermore, a 2005 double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed that 37 of 50 patients studied exhibited mobility improvement and fewer muscle spasms.

So what’s this mean? This shows marijuana and MS treatment have a positive relationship! The reduction of spasticity is likely attributed to reduced inflammation caused by marijuana usage, tying these benefits together! Lowered inflammation added to marijuana’s natural pain relieving qualities reduces pain in patients, giving them a higher quality of life.

Marijuana Benefit 3: Antidepressant

An, unfortunately, commonality in MS patients is clinical depression. According to this study, roughly 30.5% of MS patients suffer from depression. This depression could be symptoms caused by nerve damage to mood regulators or the side effects of MS medication. THC and CBD have been reported to combat depression, once again suggesting marijuana and MS treatment can go hand-in-hand. Depression is a serious condition. Finding relief from depression makes an enormous difference in the success of medical treatments and overall health.

Certain strains of marijuana produce euphoric feelings in users. These strains often provide major pain relief, as well. As previously mentioned, the pain relief also pairs with anti-inflammation, truly tying all three of these top benefits together. There is no one-size-fits-all cannabis and MS combination for patients, so experiment with different strains of weed and see which works best for you.

MS patients may be on multiple medications, but all the top relief from side effects and disease symptoms is found in one source: marijuana. As laws evolve and weed becomes more and more accessible, MS patients are gaining the ability to add it to their treatment.


The benefits of marijuana for MS patients is clear and documented. If you suffer from multiple sclerosis, consider if adding marijuana to your treatment is right for you. Available in so many forms, patients may find vaping or CBD oils to be better for them in order to save the lungs from traditional smoke inhalation. GreenMed is here to provide your marijuana needs. GreenMed – Marijuana Simplified.


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