Top 4 Benefits of Vaping

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The new legalization of marijuana has led to mainstream access to weed products. One form of smoking that is on the rise is the use of a vaporizer or vape pen. The vape pen works by producing a vapor that is inhaled as a person uses the device. Vapes contain a central heating component that enables it to slowly heat up the product between 350 to 400 degrees right before the point of combustion. By not setting your product on fire, you allow for better absorption of the cannabinoids in your product. The process yields many rewards over smoking – from Health advantages to saving you money – here are some of the benefits of vaping.


1. Health Benefits

The process of heating your weed products at lower temperatures allows for better absorption of the chemicals compounds in weed, or cannabinoids. The most common cannabinoid being THC, the chemical compound that gives you the psychoactive effect that is experienced when you get high. Through the process of vaping the product isn’t heated as much, you, in turn, inhale less smoke and toxins.

A study group who all suffered from respiratory ailments that were also regular marijuana smokers and had them try vaping for 30 days. Data showed improvements in the respiratory symptoms and overall better lung health. Vapes are also the perfect alternative for people with asthma, sensitive respiratory systems, or smokers who simply do not enjoy the harsh burning sensation sometimes experienced through traditional means of smoking.


2. Discretion

The biggest benefit to patients and heavy weed smokers is the ability to get baked on the run. From traveling to taking a small puff in the bathroom at work to relieve that nagging headache — vapes allow you medicate virtually anywhere without drawing attention to yourself.


3. Save Money

With new laws in effect, testing makes picking the best bud for you a breeze. Lab results are required to clearly state the strain, and it’s cannabinoid percentage results. For heavy weed smokers, tolerance can build up and make it difficult to become high. Using a vaporizer allows for access to concentrated amounts of THC, that can test 3 times stronger than flowers. The high percentages of THC allow for a more potent hit that produces an immediate effect and using much less product. The less you smoke, the less you need to buy, and the more money you end up saving! Vape pens also come in varying price ranges, which allows options for every budget. Most vape pens use a generic 510 thread rechargeable battery. This has become the standard cut of around 70% of the cartridges made in the market for vape pens. This allows vape users to play around with various products by different companies without having to invest in a new battery every time you want to smoke something different.


4. Targeted Formulas

Lab results and clear labeling make it perfect for people with little knowledge. Cannabis is very complex, and every strain works uniquely for each person. There are a variety of pens designed with particular strains to yield specific effects. Whether appetite, insomnia, energy, stress, immune support, or pain — you can find a pen clearly labeled with the type of relief you are looking for.


There are many benefits of vaping over traditional methods of smoking. Vapes are easy to use and travel with, numerous health benefits, and the high potency. Also, picking the product that is going to properly medicate you is easier for vape users. Vapes come in low doses THC for a daytime functioning high, CBD for mood uplifter and anti-inflammation effects, and everything in between. So whether you are looking to relieve some pain or just looking for a heavier high, you should be using a vaporizer!



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