Top Coolest Countries Where Weed Is Legal

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As more countries are beginning to decriminalize and legalize weed, we might find ourselves wondering what the countries where marijuana is legal are?  If you’re planning a vacation or considering relocating to a Mary Jane-friendly location, GreenMed has you covered! Here is our list of the top coolest countries where weed is legal.


The state of California was the first state to legalize medical cannabis in 1996, and though the United States hasn’t entirely legalized the medicinal or recreational use of marijuana, many States have caught up to the 21st century. As of 2018, nine states and Washington D.C. have legalized the recreational consumption of weed (for those 21 and up), and another 29 states have approved it for medicinal purposes. The support for the full legalization of individual marijuana use has grown significantly in recent years. However, it will be interesting to see how the near future unfolds.


Leading the way as one of the countries with the laxest weed laws, Uruguay is next on our list of countries where marijuana is legal. Becoming the first country to legalize weed for people 18 and older in 2013, Uruguay’s legislation requires users to register with the government but otherwise has relatively few restrictions. The closely-monitored first legal marijuana harvest in 2016. Today, pharmacies across Uruguay are selling marijuana commercially.


Spain makes our list but is a little more complicated. Technically, it is illegal (but decriminalized) to smoke weed at the national level. However, different regions have different laws. Specifically, Catalonia has legalized the individual consumption of marijuana. Many see this as another thinly-veiled undermining of Spain’s government as Catalonia has long desired its independence but whatever the reason, we love it! In the Catalonia region, cannabis clubs have popped up everywhere.


The friendly neighbors to the north of the United States recently passed the Cannabis Act and are set to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, hopefully leading the way to influence the US to follow suit. As only the second country to fully authorize the recreational use of marijuana (Uruguay being the first, as mentioned above), Canada is the first G-7 country to change its laws and could be the catalyst for change in other nations soon. The Canadian Senate voted on June 21st and sales are set to begin October 17th, 2018.


 No list of places to smoke weed would be complete without the Netherlands on it! Technically, smoking marijuana is illegal in the Netherlands. The coffee shops of decades past are disappearing at an alarming rate. As of 2017, the “illegal” coffee shops are granted permits to trade by the authorities and allowed to maintain 500g or less of cannabis on site. Most remaining coffee shops still have a cannabis menu, selling weed over the counter. Confused yet? Consider it a “live and let live” situation. We are interested to see how much longer the coffee shops of Amsterdam remain open.

As you can see, the list of countries where marijuana is legal continues to grow. With Canada being a major game changer, it will be most interesting to see which countries follow in its path. Is the United States the next to adopt a general legal stance on recreational use? We sure hope so! If you’re in an area where you can legally smoke, an additional perk would be having it delivered from your favorite dispensary, so you don’t have to go out and pick it up. GreenMed can help facilitate the payment, so it’s one less stress to you.



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