Top Gluten Free Edibles

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While the pot brownie may be the traditional culinary stoner delight, the growth of the marijuana industry has aided in the increase of edible experimentation. Nowadays, dispensaries have begun rolling out original edible recipes. From mints to juices, to full pizzas, the edible options have become virtually limitless.

However, for those of us with certain food allergies, the growth of available products has caused quite a bit of confusion. With so many edibles out there, finding gluten-free options is hard enough, let alone finding tasty ones. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of great gluten-free edibles to assist you in your culinary quest.

While the products listed below are general, please keep in mind that you should always check ingredient lists before consumption! Let’s begin.

Best Gluten Free Edibles

Cannabis Infused Chocolate

Likely the easiest option to find, cannabis-infused chocolate is available at just about every reputable dispensary -both medical and recreational. In addition to its wide availability, another big benefit of going the chocolate route is dose control. Most cannabis chocolate bars feature pieces that range from 5mg to 10mg in strength, allowing you to eat just the right amount, every time. As mentioned earlier, please check the ingredients! Some companies add cookie bits or malt powder to their bars, which are not gluten-free!

Cannabis Infused Hard Candies

Hard candy is delicious and easy to find on the market. While not exactly the most natural edibles out there, hard candies do often contain natural ingredients, come in sugar-free varieties, feature a large array of flavors, and almost always avoid wheat by-products. Like chocolates, hard candies generally pack 5-10mg doses and can be regulated quite easily. Their long duration gives you a mellow, prolonged high that is excellent for treating stress, anxiety, and managing pain.

Gluten Free Weed Cookies

At the dawn of the cannabis craze, finding a gluten-free cookie was practically unheard of. However, bakeries had become quite adept at creating wheat by-product free baked goods. Many cookie brands today are also dairy free and drain all non-consumables during the infusion process. The only real downside to these goodies is their generally high THC concentration. At a whopping average of 100-140mg, weed cookies pack quite a punch and should not be taken lightly!

Cannabutter and Canna-oil

Want to get creative? The best edible route for aspiring weed chefs with an aversion to gluten is to buy cannabutter or canna-oil. Both can be used as substitutes for olive or grapeseed oil when cooking and can give your custom dish a nice cannabis infusion. The freedom offered by cooking your own food is definitely worth the trouble of tracking these down. We also recommend buying a cookbook or looking up some trending pot-based recipes.

Where to Find Gluten Free Edibles

Now that the categories have been established, where can you find gluten-free edibles? We suggest giving the GreenMed search engine and Map a try! Our comprehensive search system makes it easy to find the best dispensaries near you. The online menus allow you to order edibles from the comfort of your own home.



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