Top Marijuana Dispensaries in Hollywood

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Glitz, glamour, and stars? Don’t forget the weed! Hollywood is a top tourist destination in the United States. Each year, the crowd grows larger than the one before, reaching 48.3 million visitors in 2017! Factor in the 100,000+ Angelinos calling La La Land their home and you’ve got a significant market available!

In today’s Hollywood, dispensary after dispensary is open daily to supply medical and recreational users with quality weed. How do you choose the best marijuana dispensary Hollywood has to offer? We’ll help you there! We want you to get the best flower, edibles, and concentrates available. First, let’s take a look at the rules for marijuana use and sales governing your purchases.

The Right Hollywood Dispensary

Before we give our list of top marijuana dispensaries in Hollywood, do you know what to look for in the right place? The best dispensary in Hollywood will vary by opinion, but ensure your spot sells high-quality items. The new laws in place help regulate quality to an extent but check a place’s reputation. Yelp isn’t just for commenting on restaurants! Is it clean? Is there a good selection to choose from? Is the staff friendly and knowledgeable?  You want your dispensary staff to know how to help you when selecting your vape pen or to ask about particular strains of weed!

Since the implementation of the new laws July 1st, not every weed dispensary Hollywood has is getting the product variety or supply they used to. Even the best dispensary in Hollywood may be a little short on offerings at this time. A common complaint from customers has been reduced stock. Hopefully, this is a temporary situation while suppliers scramble to meet new packaging requirements. Until then, however, understand that they’re likely doing the best they can give their circumstances.

Stocking issues aside, many dispensaries offer daily specials to their clientele such as free edibles or free joints with purchase. We love a good deal! Be sure to ask your Hollywood dispensary or check their website to see what they’re offering. Most deals rotate so perhaps you’ll have a different favorite for every day of the week!

Dispensary Guidelines

The best dispensary in Hollywood can’t operate without following strict guidelines. The first thing you’ll notice is that almost all are cash-only. Never fear, many have ATMs available for you to use. Why is this? Just because it’s a Hollywood dispensary, doesn’t put it above federal law. Since marijuana use is still federally illegal, most banks have distanced themselves from cannabis establishments. This cash-only model not only makes it less convenient for consumers and patients but also makes dispensaries crime targets.

So you’ve brought your cash and lined up to get into the most excellent weed dispensary Hollywood has to offer. Make sure that dispensary has been licensed for both recreational and medicinal sales, otherwise be sure to bring your recommendation card. You’ll notice since July 1st, 2018, things have started to look a little different in every Hollywood dispensary. That’s because California put into play new statewide regulations on the sale of marijuana.

Each Hollywood dispensary must have their products 100% pre-packaged from suppliers in child-proof, tamper-proof, resealable containers. Some consumers are taking issue with the new guidelines. “I like to have it fresh; I want to see what it’s like, I want to feel it, I want to test its density, smell, the aroma and pick from that.,” one says here.

Convenient or not, the laws in California are here to stay and meant to protect consumers and the environment. It’s not such a bad tradeoff when viewed that way!


List of Best Hollywood Dispensaries

So after consideration, you’ve decided to hit up a Hollywood dispensary? Given there are dozens to choose from, we don’t expect you to comb through every marijuana dispensary Hollywood contains. We’ve done the work for you! Here is our list of top marijuana dispensaries in Hollywood:

Greenhouse Herbal Center LLC

5224 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90027

Hours: 9am-9: 45 pm, seven days a week

East of the hustle and bustle of the Walk of Fame sits Greenhouse Herbal Center LLC. This Hollywood dispensary makes our list because of its notoriety for selection, service, and quality. They provide statewide distribution, local warehousing, and have a state of the art lab and kitchen. As one of the most helpful, user–friendly websites we’ve seen, Greenhouse Herbal Center exceeded our expectations making it the best dispensary in Hollywood.

As we’ve said, a business is only as good as its staff and selection. Devon O. noted on Yelp about Greenhouse Herbal Center, “The staff was very, very knowledgeable helped me pick out which one and explain the difference between the pen, edibles, and cannabis.” And when shopping for edibles, LasashaM L. wrote, “Once you step in it’s like candy land! It’s so nice, smells great [w/ lots] of products.”

Greenhouse Herbal Center is licensed to sell to medical and recreational users. It goes to show not every excellent marijuana dispensary Hollywood has is right in the center! Consider exploring a little ways away from the central tourist zone for additional outstanding options!


1515 N Cahuenga Blvd

Hollywood, CA 90028

Hours: 10am-10pm, seven days a week

Another marijuana dispensary Hollywood has to offer is MMD. A pre-ICO cannabis collective licensed to serve medical marijuana patients as well as recreational users, MMD has it all! This Hollywood dispensary was founded in 2006 and makes it its mission only to provide the highest quality products.

This weed dispensary Hollywood can boast as being named one of the top 10 best marijuana dispensaries in all of Los Angeles. Offering a wide variety of strains, vape pens, edibles, beverages, etc. makes this a clear front-runner for the best dispensary in Hollywood. On Yelp, Larry T. claims, “Best shop in Hollywood. Thank you MMD for excellent service and top-notch selections.”

Located on Cahuenga just north of Sunset Blvd., MMD is easy to get to on foot. Even though a favorite marijuana dispensary Hollywood parking doesn’t expand with demand! Street parking can be found around the area but be sure to check parking signs to avoid being ticketed.

MMD also offers customers a standing deal. According to their website, “Medical marijuana patients can choose between a $20 eighth of flower or purchase two (2) concentrate products of equal and lesser value and get the third for half off.” Additional deals are offered on a changing basis.

The Kind Center

1944 N Cahuenga

Los Angeles, CA 90068

Hours: 10am-10pm

Perched in the hills, this Hollywood dispensary is known for quality and knowledgeable staff. The Kind Center doesn’t have a website of its own, but don’t let that stop you from considering this contender for the best dispensary in Hollywood. Open daily, The Kind Center is a collective serving medical marijuana to the community since 2006.

Monica L. said about The Kind Center, “The vibe of this place is so great! We are visiting from AZ, and the quality of everything was A1. Can’t wait to come back.” The manager, Terrisa, seems to be active on Yelp providing responses to customers and assisting with any negative feedback.

An excellent weed dispensary Hollywood has to offer, The Kind Center is very active on Facebook and posts its specials on there frequently. They offer deals like 10% off edibles, 10% off concentrates, etc. Be sure to stop in and take advantage of their current deals! It’s no wonder to us that Brad A. had to say, “Went here for the first time being in LA last night the staff was amazing the product was even better.”

420 King Delivery

Hours: 10am-2am

Able to be ordered through GreenMed, 420 King Delivery is a medical weed dispensary Hollywood couldn’t live without! Operating until 12 am according to their website, this Hollywood dispensary isn’t a storefront but a free delivery service dedicated to getting your medical marijuana order fast and efficiently.

On a Yelp review, Eric D. wrote, “I call these guys twice a week, and they come to my place so quick it’s unbelievable. Bless you, 420 king! My savior.” High praise (pun intended)!

Privacy being their top priority, 420 King brings out a world where marijuana is delivered fast and discreetly. They have a team of drivers ready to bring your order straight to your door. How great is that? Timeliness, service, and quality give 420 King its spot as the best weed dispensary Hollywood offers.

With a full menu to choose from, 420 King offers a wide array of products. To add to the awesomeness, they provide each patient with two free top-shelf joints with their first order. Sign us up!


7095 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028

Hours: 10am-12am, closed on Saturday

Another delivery only Hollywood dispensary, VIP LA was established in 2015. Able to be ordered via the GreenMed, VIP LA prides itself on offering medical marijuana delivery extremely fast and discreetly.

Jennifer K. wrote in her review, “I was hesitant to try a delivery service, but I couldn’t be happier that I did! Communication was easy, and my order was delivered promptly. Everything was A+ perfect, and I’ll be using them again in the future.”

Each of our picks for the best marijuana dispensary Hollywood has to offer is sure to provide excellent service and quality products. If you’re in the Hollywood area, give them a try! Have a favorite, not on our list? Share it with us! GreenMed is always on the hunt for the next best dispensary to open its doors. GreenMed – Marijuana Simplified.


None of the authors, administrators, or anyone connected with GreenMed, in any way whatsoever, can be responsible for your use of the information within links or directly from these web pages.

Laws regarding recreational marijuana are constantly changing! Always consult your local authorities or attorney for professional advice!


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