Top Picks For The Best Van Nuys Dispensary

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Welcome to Van Nuys, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley part of Los Angeles and home to over 120,000 Angelenos. We know how hard it is to find the right dispensary so we add the best Van Nuys Dispensary for Medical Marijuana. Finding weed shops in Van Nuys is no difficult task, but we’re specifically on the hunt for the top medical marijuana dispensaries. High quality, great service, and staff knowledge are important to customers utilizing their medical marijuana cards. Before we jump into our top picks, we examine how marijuana laws have affected Californians.

Though the laws have been recently extended to recreational users, they certainly didn’t start that way. Major medical marijuana laws in California took shape between 1996 and 2007. In 1996, under the Compassionate Use Act (Prop 215), medical marijuana consumption was legalized. This continued to take shape in 2003 with the Medical Marijuana Program Act that enabled non-profit collectives for patients and growers. This is the beginning of the framework to start dispensaries. The Interim Control Ordinance (ICO) passed by the Los Angeles City Council in 2007 put a full stop on the development of new shops while the city determined how to regulate and tax these establishments. Later, limited numbers of new shops were allowed to begin doing business.

November 2016 saw a major change for weed consumers. A voter initiative to legalize cannabis for recreational use called the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), or Prop 64, passed with 57.13% of the vote. Skip forward to the implementation of these new recreational marijuana laws in January 2018 and California weed lovers finally got to enjoy their herb without needing a medical marijuana card. You may think that meant dispensaries selling to all adults 21+ immediately opened up all over the Golden State on January 1st, 2018, but that was not the case. Specifically, in Los Angeles, January rolled around and only four LA dispensaries were licensed to sell both medicinal and recreational (all in West Hollywood). The city needed to catch up with the changing times and discern its licensing structure and taxes and regulation for new recreational marijuana dispensaries. Dispensaries operating prior to the 2007 Interim Control Ordinance (ICO) were still allowed to operate as before, hence the continued importance of medical marijuana dispensaries. Under the new laws, pre-ICO terms will mean very little from a legal standpoint, but it still comes across as a badge of honor for many Los Angeles dispensaries and shows a business’ established history.

So after all that, where to go to find your new favorite Van Nuys dispensary? We’ve got you covered:


7555 Woodley Ave

Van Nuys, CA 91406

Hours: 10am-8pm, 7 days a week

Our first on the list of favorite Van Nuys dispensaries, Kushism is one of the original pre-ICO dispensaries in Los Angeles. They have been open to medical marijuana patients since May 2007 and know their stuff! The staff at Kushism is trained to identify the best strains for each patient and their products are sourced from experienced growers. Yelp user Lillian wrote about Kushism, “Reasonable prices, beautiful shop, and friendly knowledgeable service. Liz gave me some truly expert, professional advice last time on medicating for chronic pain in sensitive public situations around an airport…”

Kushism offers two coupons on their website, one for patient referrals and the other for first-time patients. Why we hold Kushism in such high esteem, however, also comes from them being active charitable contributors. On top of their own contributions to various organizations, they hold food and clothing drives for the local community. Kushism is a dispensary for medical marijuana Van Nuys is very fortunate to have.

Healthy Herbal Care

7123 Sepulveda Blvd.

Van Nuys, CA 91405

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-10pm, Sunday 10am-8pm

Located just off the 405 (as if we need any further reasons to get off the 405), the Healthy Herbal Care medical marijuana dispensary is a favorite for many. Having now expanded into recreational sales, as well, this weed shop in Van Nuys has an excellent menu of products for patrons to choose from. They offer daily specials ranging from 10% off all edibles on Tuesdays to 10% off all accessories on Sundays, making Healthy Herbal Care a shop worth checking out every day of the week!

Angelenos are definitely taking notice of this Van Nuys dispensary. At the time of this article, they have over 2700 followers on their Instagram account. This store makes great use of their social media account, constantly posting fantastic deals and funny stoner content. Want a laugh? Their feed is sure to provide!

Humor and good deals, however, are not the only reasons this dispensary makes our list of top medical dispensaries in Van Nuys. Healthy Herbal Care was also the 2nd place Indica Rosin Chalice winners in 2017. In case you don’t know, Chalice is California’s biggest hash festival!

The Green Earth Farmacie

7756 Burnet Ave.

Van Nuys, CA 91405

Hours: 10am-8pm daily

Next on our list of the best medical marijuana Van Nuys has to offer is the Green Earth Farmacie. Where to begin? This dispensary has a long history of serving the Los Angeles medical marijuana community since its pre-ICO beginnings as a non-profit collective in 2007. As times have changed and state marijuana laws have modernized, Green Earth Farmacie has adapted to service their recreational consumers, as well, becoming one of the first Los Angeles dispensaries to be granted licensing for recreational marijuana sales in February 2018.

Beyond its informative and entertaining social media presence (another dispensary with over 2000 Instagram followers at this time), Green Earth Farmacie maintains a growing blog, as well. Though it is a work in progress, their blog is consistently growing and provides great insight and information for patrons. Specifically for the medical marijuana community, we enjoyed their May 2018 article about choosing the best strains for different activities.

The Green Earth calendar is full of in-store demos, specials, and store announcements, keeping customers updated at all times. First-time patients are encouraged to ask about new-patient deals, including their $25 eighth special. Yelp user David wrote about Green Earth Farmacie, “The Green Earth Farmacie is legit! When I’m down in the Los Angeles area it’s one of my stops. Whether you’re looking to use your medical card or you’re looking for a recreational collective, this place has a great variety to choose from. Their friendly staff know their cannabis, and will get you set up with what you need.” High praise! So if you are looking for one of Van Nuys’ best and original medical marijuana dispensaries, look no further than Green Earth Farmacie!

Delta 9 Collective Caregivers

7648 Van Nuys Blvd

Van Nuys, CA 91405

Hours: 10am-8pm daily

Located on the northern side of Van Nuys, Delta 9 Collective Caregivers is a pre-ICO dispensary operating since 2006. Delta 9 offers its patients high-quality medicinal cannabis and appreciates donations as they say “they provide the means to cultivate, acquire, and test your medicine.”

With an active Twitter account, Delta 9 Collective patients can easily see many of their product offerings on their feed. For those a little less social media savvy, a clear and detailed menu can be found on their website. To ensure absolute compliance with the law, they also educate patients with a Know The Law section on their site. Here, patients can find answers to questions they may have about their rights and laws regulating medicinal marijuana. Patients clearly love Delta 9 Collective, saying things such as “Great collection of flowers and edibles. The staff are always nice and they always help you find what [you’re] looking for” and “High-quality buds, great prices, super friendly budtenders.” Customer service and knowledgeable staff give this dispensary a spot on our list!

As California has updated its marijuana laws, changes have occurred across the board. What was once solely legal for medicinal usage is now available for recreational consumption, but true quality will always be the most important factor. The smallest bit of research can provide you with a lengthy list of weed shops in Van Nuys (or Los Angeles, in general). Do you want to just venture into any shop, however? No! You want the best. We’ve provided our top picks for medical marijuana dispensaries in Van Nuys. These shops are in full compliance with local and state laws and provide their customers with quality products and superior service. The next time you find yourself in Van Nuys, know they’ve got your medical marijuana needs covered.


GreenMed is proud to bring you a list of dispensaries we know won’t disappoint. Providing information and education to our audience is top priority. Have you visited any of these spots? Tell us what you think!



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