Top Places to Get High in Los Angeles

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As smokers, we love to take it up anywhere. Sometimes it’s a special place and sometimes it’s our living room. There’s something about getting high in cool places that totally enhances the whole experience, though! We’ve gone through some of our favorite Hollywood dispensaries and listed a few excellent spots to score weed in Los Angeles. You’ve got your favorite strain, now you’re probably wondering where the best places to get high in Los Angeles are! Don’t worry, we’ll get there!

It’s important to note that you need to be aware of laws governing marijuana use, both medicinal and recreational. We don’t advocate breaking the law in any way. That being said, you want to know the answer to “the best smoke spots near me” and we aim to please!

Smoke Spots Near Me

There are a million awesome places in and around Los Angeles. Where to smoke weed? Everywhere! You’ve got choices of beaches, outlooks, reservoirs, lakes, and trippy exhibits. Some of the best places to get high in Los Angeles may surprise you. Some may inspire you. The best places to smoke weed could be right out your door! So let’s dive in and take a look at our list of best places to get high in Los Angeles:

Smoke Spot 1: Echo Park Lake

A beautiful oasis in the middle of an urban jungle, Echo Park Lake is our first spot on the best places to smoke weed in this city. The entire neighborhood is a rare jewel with wide streets and open space. When asking for “smoke spots near me” this tops the list. You can sit and enjoy the fresh air here. A perfect place to mellow out and relax. It’s also a nice place to enjoy some healthy munchies! A great high and awesome snacks with a view? Yes, please!

Smoke Spot 2: Griffith Observatory

Next on our “smoke spots near me” tour is Griffith Observatory. Iconic and visible from a million vantage points around Los Angeles, everyone knows the observatory atop Griffith Park. Not only are the views stellar but the observatory itself is awesome. This makes our list of the best places to get high in Los Angeles for sure. Another great thing? Admission to Griffith Observatory is free! If you’re wondering where to smoke weed and take in an incredible view of the city, this is your spot. Sit yourself down on a bench and take it all in.

Smoke Spot 3: Venice Boardwalk

Next on our list of where to smoke weed is Venice Boardwalk. Probably the original place to be on our “smoke spots near me” tour, Venice Boardwalk has been stoner central forever. The eclectic vibe and beautiful view make for one of the best places to smoke weed. You can take a walk on the beach, drop in the skate park, or just chill for lunch at one of the cafes. One of our favorite things to do is rent a bike and go along the strand. If physical activity isn’t your thing when you’re high, though, check out the local shop setups and enjoy the vibe.

These days sometimes parking can be challenging, but once you’re there you’ve found one of the best places to get high in Los Angeles. Also one of the most popular. You might make a new friend!

Smoke Spot 4: Hollywood Bowl Overlook

One of many outlooks in this city, The Hollywood Bowl Overlook is the next stop on the “smoke spots near me” tour. This outlook is legendary. Mulholland Drive isn’t the best-kept secret in town, but you’ll be surprised how many Angelenos haven’t realized this is one of the best places to smoke weed. It’s actually one of the best places in Los Angeles, period, but taking in that view while high is magical.

If you’re looking for where to smoke weed this needs to be your next stop. Every Angeleno needs to experience it at least once. Are you even a true Angeleno if you’ve neglected one of the best and most iconic views in the city? Enjoy the view. Enjoy the weather. A moment up there can make you realize how great Los Angeles really is!

Smoke Spot 5: Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier is another iconic stop on the “smoke spots near me” tour. One of the best places to get high in Los Angeles, Santa Monica Pier provides incredible views and an awesome vibe. Some people go on about the tourists but who doesn’t love taking a turn on the Ferris wheel? It’s one of the best places to smoke weed, for sure.

Santa Monica Pier is more than just the pier, too. It’s the surrounding area! There are tons of shops and restaurants to enjoy. The crowds can be nice and sitting back with a drink while watching the sunset is a super chill way to spend your high. Check out the street performers on the pier and the promenade. Take in the sights and smells on the pier itself. They often have festivals and movie screenings, too. Santa Monica Pier really is one of the best places to smoke weed. Choose a strain that won’t make you want to go to sleep, though, or you’ll miss out!

Smoke Spot 6: Abandoned Zoo at Griffith Park

The Abandoned Zoo at Griffith Park is definitely where to smoke weed. You can go there, enjoy your high, and explore the old cages while hiking in the area. What’s cooler than exploring an abandoned zoo?

The surrounding park is also perfect for our “smoke spots near me” tour. There’s plenty of space to bring a blanket and chill. You and your friends can relax and bring some awesome munchies! It’s easy to spend the whole day here. The best part of the abandoned zoo area? There’s plenty of shade! Of course, there’s always plenty of suns, too. If you’re wanting a little relaxing in the shade, however, this awesome spot provides both. If you’re looking for where to smoke weed you’ve got to check this out. Some people say it’s a haunted area, too, if that floats your boat. Want to scare your high self-silly? Bring it on!

Smoke Spot 7: The Broad

This modern art museum is a relatively new addition to Los Angeles but has to be on our “smoke spots near me” journey. Located downtown, The Broad is one of the best places to smoke weed. Another spot in Los Angeles with free admission, there is frequently a line to get into the museum. Once inside, however, you’ll find a spectacular collection of modern art. If that’s not enough to experience while high, check out the Infinity Rooms. You’re in for a trip! This room is filled with mirrors and colored lights that give the illusion of expanding forever. Getting super high then checking this room out is a total experience! This room alone is why The Broad is where to smoke weed!

Smoke Spot 8: The Getty Museum

The Getty Museum is another art museum on our list, sure, but it’s so much more. You can enjoy the day checking out the art as they have an impressive permanent collection as well as great temporary exhibits. Then you can enjoy some food to squash those munchy cravings. The chocolate brownie from the snack cart is amazing. Songs should be written in its honor!

Art and brownies aside, The Getty Museum also boasts incredible gardens and spectacular views of Los Angeles. You can spread a blanket out on the grounds and hang for hours, soaking up the sights and enjoying your high.

The Getty Museum is also free! You do have to pay for parking, however, but it’s per car so you can split it with friends and you’re in! The view from this incredible Los Angeles icon solidifies its place on our “smoke spots near me” tour. It’s absolutely one of the best places to get high in Los Angeles.

Smoke Spot 9: Hermosa Park

Hermosa Park is one of the many viewpoint gems in Los Angeles. Not only does the view never fail to impress, but the vantage point with the park bench is as iconic as the skyline itself.

An awesome spot to chill and enjoy your high, Hermosa Park should be on your short list of where to smoke weed. Snap some spectacular photos experience one of Los Angeles’ most unique spots.

Smoke Spot 10: Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

A 15 minute journey (give or take) up a steep set of stairs earns you a beautiful, expansive view over the entire city of Los Angeles. Also, it’s a pretty good workout for your glutes

Want to experience one of the truly best views in all of Los Angeles? Climb the stairs at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook and your hard work pays off. If physical activity while high isn’t appetizing to you, maybe do it once you’re at the top or eat some weed candies and let it kick in when you hit the summit! It’s easier to climb down than climb up! Truly a panoramic view of Los Angeles, the reward for your climb is immeasurable. If you’re seeking “the best smoke spots near me” then you have to add this to your list. It’s an experience, a view, and a workout all in one! How LA is that?

Our “smoke spots near me” tour takes you to the beach, to art museums, parks, and abandoned zoos. We’ve covered our top ten spots to get high in Los Angeles but there are countless more awesome spots in the City of Angels. Do you have a favorite?

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