The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Edibles!

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Weed edibles are not a new invention, though they’ve progressed far from the herb-flavored chocolate brownies of the past. Not to say brownies aren’t still a favorite amongst edible users, but the taste and quality have improved dramatically! When it comes to choosing an edible, the choices can seem endless, and you may find yourself unsure of what to select.

GreenMed helps break down everything you need to know when it comes to selecting the best marijuana edibles!

What Are Edibles?

So what exactly is an edible? An edible is any food product containing weed and ingesting it will get you high. So, why be fancy and make brownies if you have some bud just sitting there?

Can You Get High From Eating Weed?

The answer is no. The reason edibles work is that the fatty substances and oils used to make them absorb and extract the THC or CBD. So merely tossing back and chewing some herb won’t produce the same effect to the same degree.

We Love Edibles!

There are many types of edibles on the market these days. Since marijuana laws are becoming more relaxed in many places, the market for edibles has exploded. This has also created a higher demand for quality edibles versus black market edibles that lack regulation and consumer information.

Another reason weed enthusiasts have flocked to ingesting herb is that marijuana edibles give a different kind of high from vaping or smoking a joint. When you inhale weed vapor or smoke, you take the THC into your lungs. This is immediately injected into your bloodstream, which is why smoking a joint or taking a hit from a vape will likely result in a faster high.

To that same effect, however, the come-down rate of this high is also more rapid and happens sooner. When you ingest an edible, how the THC is dispersed and absorbed into your body depends on what you’re eating. Where brownies and other foods are ingested and broken down in the stomach, lollipops and beverages also have a certain level of absorption in the mouth.

Weed Brownie Effects

When you eat a weed brownie, for example, it is digested in the stomach, makes its way through your intestine, and on to the liver. The liver then breaks down the THC and passes it into the bloodstream. This longer process can result in feeling the high from an edible a little later than if you had smoked your weed. Because of the body’s processes, however, expect this high to be much more intense (by volume of marijuana ingested) and to last much longer. We suggest that your pot cookie is likely better ingested on multiple occasions instead of downed all at once! For certainty, however, check the packaging for dosage.

The high you get from an edible is also directly associated with your body weight, build, and general tolerance. Similar in this regard to drinking alcohol, a person weighing less and with a smaller frame will feel the effects of 5mg far more potently than a larger person. As the liver breaks down THC in a different way than the lungs, it is also noted by Mike Heller, co-founder of Oakland-based MJ Wooly, that the molecules may be up to 10 times more psychoactive than the THC weed smokers experience.

As for cost, the cost for marijuana edibles ranges greatly. This can depend on the potency of your goodies, the serving size, and the product itself. Higher-quality edibles, it stands to reason, will set you back more. So expect to spend a decent amount on that chocolate bar you’ve been eyeing (averaging $15-$25USD) but know that this is quickly spread over multiple uses.

Now that we’ve discussed what an edible is, the kind of high it produces, etc., let’s take a look at various factors and options to consider when you’re shopping for your next round of goodies!

All Edibles Are Not Created Equal

If this isn’t the most valid statement ever! Edibles vary in potency, taste, cost, and ingestion method, but these aren’t the only ways they differ. It’s important to know what you want you’re edible for when choosing what to buy. Do you want to get high just for fun? Are you medicating for pain or anxiety? Though a batch of pot brownies may sound like the makings of a party, edibles are equally effective for medicinal purposes.

If you’re looking for an edible to ease the pain but stay upbeat and alert during your high, consider an edible high in CBD and lower in THC. The lower THC amount will decrease inhibited functionality while the higher CBD amount will help with pain management and alleviation.

Seeking cannabis edibles to help you sleep? Perhaps you’re best to choose a product with indicia. As the market for edibles has expanded and evolved, many product creators are selling strain-specific products, so their customers know what kind of high to expect.

Many dispensaries these days have extensive selections of edible options. If you’re unsure what kind of experience you want, or you know what you’re seeking but have no clue what will get you there, be sure to speak to the staff at your preferred dispensary. A quality dispensary will have knowledgeable staff who can direct you to the best options for edibles and weed.

Weed Brownies

Whether stemming from pop culture nostalgia or the simple fact that chocolate never lets you down, pot brownies have maintained their popularity throughout the decades. Why brownies? Truthfully, in the days of your parents (or maybe grandparents!), the poor quality of edibles when it comes to flavor. We all love weed brownies effects, but eating a mouthful of a herb is less-than-appetizing. The chocolate in brownies helps mask the flavor. Today, pot brownies available at your favorite dispensary are going to taste exponentially better. Depending on the products stocked at your choice dispensary, you may have options available for gluten-free or vegan weed brownies, too!

Another significant improvement since days past is the labeling of today’s brownies. When you’re purchasing weed brownies from a reputable source, they’ll be appropriately labeled with the total amount of THC contained in the product, the typical dosage (standard is 10mg), and warning labels to prevent accidental overconsumption. It’s okay to want to have fun and party, but consuming responsibly is essential. Eating that brownie in proper dosages will also help your money go further. No need to eat the whole thing in one sitting!

Other Types of Edibles

As the market grows, chefs are coming up with new edibles to please customers. Today, you can find edible marijuana candy, lollipops, gummies, goldfish, chocolate bars, cereals, beverages, etc. The list goes on and on! Each of these will have various serving sizes so it’s important to note the difference for each. For example, you may be able to eat a whole cookie from one brand, but only eat 1/4 of another brands cookie.

Keep in mind, too, that each different type of edible may react with your body differently. As we said earlier, lollipops will have some level of absorption in the mouth as well as in the stomach, whereas eating a chocolate bar or goldfish cracker may react more as a brownie will. To be sure of the different effects and processes for each, always read the product descriptions or ask the staff at your dispensary.

Avoiding Low-Quality Edibles

Best Edible Brand

When choosing the best pot edibles, it’s essential to avoid low-quality options. How do you tell? One way to begin is by asking about the brand. See what the brand’s reputation is and what the relationship your dispensary has with that brand might be. Do they know this brand well? Is it new to their stock? Does the staff have any personal experience with the product you’re choosing?

Cannabinoid CBN

Next, consider the CBN (Cannabinol) level found in the edibles you’re considering. A high CBN level indicates older bud being used, which can lead to an inferior product. THC levels are degraded in products with high CBN, leading to lethargic reactions to your high. Bad plant material is the number one leading cause of poor edible product.

Proper Ingredients

Always check to see what was used in the edible. Low grade bud, shake, trim and even stems will be used to cut the cost of edibles. Low-quality edible won’t harm you, albeit it’s not uncommon for users to experience headaches after ingesting. Another potential outcome of a poor quality edible is a more abrasive high. None of these outcomes make for a fun or successful experience.

GreenMed always works with licensed dispensaries employed with knowledgeable staff. We will help you find high-quality edibles perfect for you. If you’ve had a bad experience, don’t write off edibles entirely! They can be great; you just have to have the right one for you.


The market for weed edibles has improved dramatically over the years, and with the variety of options to choose from today, it can almost feel overwhelming. Hopefully, this guide to selecting the best edibles will help you know what to look for and what to consider when choosing your next goodies.

Ensure you are buying high-quality edibles and experiment to see what you like best! Despite temptation to try recipes at home, remember that the dispensary goodies have proper labels, are more consistent, and higher quality than home-produced edibles. If you’re ready to try some, GreenMed is happy to be a source for your high-quality edibles!




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