What Should I Look for When Buying Pre-Roll?

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Pre-rolled joints have increased in popularity over the years. The explosion of pre-rolled joints on the market has changed the way they’re viewed, as well. In the past, pre-rolled joints were usually lower quality. These were often packed with mixtures of aging weed. The result was an off taste and poor experience. Sounds like enough to turn anyone off!

In light of changing laws surrounding marijuana, however, standards are being raised. Producers are being required to meet better quality standards by law, which is beneficial for smokers!

Pre-rolled joints are still offered up as complimentary deals in many dispensaries. Some give them for free while others offer them for $1 to customers with additional purchase. Other full-price joints are available, as well, making the variety for smokers to choose from great! Options today still vary in quality, but we’re here to help you know how to pick the best pre-rolled joints. If you’re new to smoking weed you may be asking what is a pre-roll joint?

What is a Pre-Roll Joint?

What is a pre-roll joint and why are they popular? Simply put, these joints are prepared for you and packed ahead of time. They’re perfect as a gift option for the weed lover in your life or for yourself! You simply purchase and light up!

In fact, convenience is the number one factor in their popularity. Rolling your own joints requires you to have all the tools needed. This involves a grinder, the weed itself, papers, a place to actually roll, and possibly a rolling machine. Are you casually carrying all these around with you everywhere you go? We aren’t either!

This is where the pre-roll reigns supreme. You can pop one in your pocket and have it ready to enjoy whenever you want!

Now that we’ve answered “what is a pre-roll” we ask what are they made with? Sometimes pre-rolled joints are made with a shake. Shake is essentially the smaller bits of flower that have fallen off while being handled. Instead of wasting these, dispensaries (or producers, with new packaging laws) put these to use in pre-rolls. The notion that these are lower-quality isn’t a fair assessment. The fact is, these are simply smaller pieces of the same high-quality product you may have just purchased! If shake concerns you, there some of the best pre-rolled joints on the market are made directly from the premium product.

Shake can be lower quality if not cared for correctly. If it has dried out or been left too long and aged out of value, it makes for a lower-quality joint. This is where you have to consider the reputation and quality of your dispensary of choice. Is your place the kind that would allow low-quality items to walk out the door? No? Good! Then enjoy your joint! The stigma against pre-rolled joints is shifting rapidly as quality assurance laws have tightened. More and more people are seeing the awesomeness of a pre-roll and choosing to stock up!

Are Pre-Roll Joints Worth It?

Should you be buying the best pre-rolled joints or sticking to packing your own? That’s up to you! It isn’t one or the other.

Pre-rolls are great for times when you don’t have the equipment or the time to roll your own. They’re also fantastic for people who may be new to rolling joints or who simply aren’t good at it. Those with manual dexterity issues also benefit greatly from pre-rolled joints.

When you’re choosing a pre-roll, it’s only worth it if it is of good quality. You can get the best deal ever but if it’s trash quality, what’s the point? The best pre-rolled joints come in sealed packaging or tubes. Always purchase from high-quality dispensaries with solid reputations who are properly licensed. Another good tip is to follow your nose! Is the smell of cannabis leaking from the packaging? That’s no good! Chances are the seal is compromised and your joint is drying out.

Signs of a Bad Pre-Roll Joint

As we’ve said, always ensure your dispensary carries only high-quality products. If your dispensary of choice carries only the best, you can rest assured they are likely carrying only high-quality pre-rolls. But how do you tell if you’ve got a bad one?

Trust us, you’ll know. A bad pre-roll will be packed with dry bits. These offer a stale taste and can be practically unsmokable. If a sale is entirely too good to be true and the place looks less-than-stellar, trust your instincts!

Another telltale sign of a poor-quality pre-rolled joint is the smell. If your joint is giving off a campfire burning odor, chances are it has had undesirable trim added to it. Even the newest to smoking will be able to tell if the odor and taste are poor.

If you have a quality pre-roll, you should basically be able to dump out its contents next to a joint you’ve rolled yourself and see the same things.

Are Pre-Rolled Joints For You?

If it’s so easy to use pre-rolled joints, why doesn’t everyone use them? The answer to that question is more on a person-by-person basis. After all, not every strain is for everyone so how can every method of using marijuana be?

Firstly, remember pre-rolled joints are smoked in the traditional fashion. With the major popularity increase of vape pens and vaporizers, it isn’t hard to see why old-fashioned smoking may not be as appealing these days. Health risks of smoke inhalation can be very serious. While there is no way to physically overdose on marijuana, smoke from burning bud and papers can be harmful to your lungs. Vaping offers users a way to enjoy without the smoke aspect if it bothers them.

Joints, however, will never go out of style! There’s something amazing about hitting a great joint that can’t be replaced. With the availability of high-quality pre-rolled joints increasing over the years, you can enjoy without the hassles of rolling your own! For some, this may be a lifesaver. Dexterity issues can cause a huge headache when trying to roll joints. For others, the convenience of a pre-roll is just too great to pass up!

Whatever your preference, pre-rolled joints are a great option available in droves. Sold practically everywhere you can purchase marijuana, experiment around and see which is your favorite! Perhaps you’ll switch over to pre-rolled joints for good! Instead of asking “what is a pre-roll” ask “why not a pre-roll” instead! As always, GreenMed is here for your pre-rolled joint needs. GreenMed – Cannabis Simplified!


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