What’s Better – Hand-Rolled or Machine Packed?

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When it comes to rolling joints, there is a debate between using joint rolling machines and hand-rolling. Which is better? As with everything, there are pros and cons to each method. We give a comparison of what goes into hand-rolled versus machine packed to help you decide which method will work for you.


When it comes to rolling a joint, most people begin by hand-rolling. Ironically, this is arguably the more difficult method of rolling a joint! It takes time and practice to perfect rolling your own and it’s likely you’ll have a few less-than-great rolls under your belt before you are consistently rolling good joints. When hand-rolling, you can choose whether you want a straight, cigarette-style joint or a cone. For a more cigarette-style roll, make sure the bud is evenly distributed along your rolling paper, leaving room for a filter if you want one. The most important part of hand-rolling your joint is rolling the paper back and forth after placing the bud in order to compress and shape it. If it is not maintaining its shape on its own after compressing it, you need to roll it more until it does so. This can take practice and you will certainly get better as you roll more by hand.

If you struggle to create the shape you desire for your joint, you might consider rolling cones, as well. Pre-rolled cones are a little more expensive than traditional rolling papers but, until you’ve mastered rolling by hand, these weed cones can help with consistency and measuring the dosage of each of your joints. Pre-rolled cones are also a choice alternative for those who might struggle with the manual dexterity needed using rolling papers.

Machine Rollers

Do you have problems rolling joint by hand, want more even, tightly-rolled joints, or simply don’t have the patience to hand-roll? Enter the unsung hero of smoking weed: the joint rolling machine. Weed rolling machines might result in some messed up joints when you first start using them, but they can save those of us who are rolling-challenged! You can buy manual or automatic machines and most head shops will sell rolling machines pretty inexpensively. There are plenty of more expensive joint rolling machines on the market, however, if you want to have the best joint roller available. Machines come in various sizes, allowing you to choose which works best for the size joints you want to roll.

When using a weed rolling machine, grind up your weed and neatly arrange your desired amount. The goal is to get a nice, even roll. You also want to leave space for a filter, if you use them. If you don’t, you can pack it all the way! Make sure you remove any stems from the mix before packing your joint so they don’t pierce through your rolling material.

Choosing to hand-roll or use a machine all comes down to personal preference. While one gives more control over the shape and style of the joint you want, the other provides consistency. Whether you need rolling papers, cones, or a joint rolling machine, GreenMed has you covered and can facilitate the payment and delivery. Which method do you use?




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