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Cannabis Simplified

The future of the cannabis industry is characterized by advancement in customer relations, eCommerce, and quality assurance. Currently, GreenMed is the leading customer relations management (CRM) and online ordering platform for marijuana dispensaries.

Offering a sophisticated, easy to use service set, GreenMed provides a convenient way for dispensaries to connect to customers, keep and maintain records, optimize delivery, and much more.

GreenMed services are easy to use and tailored to specific dispensary needs. Our innovative software features are designed to streamline dispensary operations as well as maximize profit potential. Don’t get left behind, get GreenMed.

What Do We Offer?

Optimized CRM

Connect directly with customers, increase marketing convergence

Engage Customers - Keep customers coming back with personalized offers and promotions. Turn one time patrons into repeat customers by establishing loyalty and offering incentives.

Save Time - Don’t bother with file cabinets and manual record keeping, simply record customer information into the platform. The system allows for the addition of names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more specified customer data.

Increase Revenue - Gauge promotion success by keeping track of in-store traffic and revenue streams. Create promotional offers based on intuitive analytics and data.


Online Menu System

Enter the digital age with a sophisticated online menu system

Customer Convenience - The GreenMed menu allows customers to order products online and pick them up from the store or opt for home delivery, helping them avoid long lines and maximize their shopping experience.

Dynamic Web Browsing - A website should not only be a source of information, but an interactive tool as well. The GreenMed menu system transforms your website into a monetary asset.

Simplicity - The GreenMed POS eCommerce system is intuitive and assures not only easy customer navigation, but easy backend operation for dispensaries as well.

Brand Recognition - Menus are designed to fit specific dispensary aesthetics, enhancing the personality of your business. Moreover, once a partnership has been established, the dispensary is then advertised on GreenMed, adding to its digital presence.


Targeted Data

Gather comprehensive customer data, optimize your business 10x

Comprehensive Information - Gather and analyze customer and store information with each transaction and create strategies for maximizing your profit potential.

Ease of Access - Access GreenMed business analytics at any time and discover what customers are primarily interested in.

Enhance Marketing - Use gathered data with the GreenMed CRM system to create custom messages and promotional deals for your customer base.

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